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New for 2010 The Vinca Santa Fe

Check  this Beauty Out!

The New Vinca – Santa Fe Salmon

I am pretty excited about this new color that has come out for spring 2010 .

Vinca is one of my favorite annuals we grow here in Iowa.

Nothing beats this for color and long lasting bloom time.

I carry many colors , in upright and trailing vinca.. I hope you enjoy seeing this new color.

The beautiful, unusual deep salmon color of Santa Fe will be sure to attract many an eye. With a slightly more compact plant habit than either the Coolers or Pac…ificas, Santa Fe flowers early and profusely.

Height: 12-14″, 8-10″ spread.

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3 Opinions

  • Karin Tyra said:

    I LOVE this color – any chance someone in central Indiana has it ?? I would love to have some for my front porch.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Alice Torba said:

    I am new to gardening (flowers for now, then other vegetation) here in Maryland. I am really enjoying your site!
    Do you sell any of the seeds that you show on your site. I’d love to try some. I’m trying to figure out where to start my plantings (in our home or garage).
    Is there a book that you believe would be most beneficial for me at this stage?
    So…seeds and a book…are my questions for now :o)
    Thanks for sharing so much great info with all of us!!

  • diane admin

    Hi Alice, Maybe in the future.. I find all info I need online.. thanks so much for stopping by I hope this website is helping..

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