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Cardinal Climber Vine Ipomoea-Morning Glory Vines

Cardinal Climber Vine Ipomoea

A must have if you are looking for something in red, attracts humminbirds and likes sun.

Vigorous, fast-growing and good for container sales. Attractive feathery foliage and sprays of scarlet tubular blooms delight the eye and hummingbirds love them.

Cardinal Climber vines are an easy to grow, climbing …annual vine. The twining stems will grow quickly up a trellis or fence, up to a height of 10-15 feet in a season. Some varieties will grow up to 30 feet.

Cardinal Climber are native to North America, Asia, South Africa and the West Indies. They are members of the Morning Glory family.

Cardinal Climber vines are grown from seed. To aid in germination soak an or nick seed overnight. This will greatly speed up your germination .

This is a true red vine.. look out for the hummingbirds they love it..

You need a couple plants together to really put on a show outdoors. They love heat so once your temperature starts warming up they will really take off and grow fast.

Grow in full sun, blooms all summer long into the fall. Plant in a well drained soil .

Happy Gardening


Diane Mumm

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