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SuperTunia Vista Bubble Gum

SuperTunia Vista  Bubble Gum- A  Proven Winner

This isn’t any ole Petunia – The SuperTunia’s  are bred for performance.

Look at this pot .. This is 3 plants and you can see how well they do, do.. I will take these petunias over any other one on the market today. I have grown these from plugs and they just out perform.. no two ways about it.

A Supertunia Vista is a Petunia. As in we’re way vigorous and have a mounding/cascading habit.

So in a garden bed, border, or landscape feature we grow 16 – 24 inches tall, and spread like you wouldn’t believe .  As much as 2 feet.  You want to fill an area with wall-to-wall medium pink flowers all season? I’m your plant.  Hanging baskets, window boxes, patio containers, same story.


Vigorous, mounding plants are perfect landscape fillers; blooms all season; low maintenance

• Attracts Butterflies

• Attracts Hummingbirds

• Best Seller

• Deadheading Not Necessary

• Drought Tolerant *

• Heat Tolerant

• Landscape (Professional)

• Landscape Plant

• Must Have

• Pet Friendly

 It’s  disease resistant, self-cleaning, and have sturdy stems so It always look good.

Vista Bubblegum ia  an annual except in zones 10 – 11.  Hardy to 30 degrees, and  Grows 16-24 inches in height

Full sun, water and a good fertilizer will keep me in the pink until frost.

There is many supertunias on the market today, I will get them in several colors and they sell out very quickly..

You can Read more about this gem here..

Happy Gardening


Diane Mumm

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2 Opinions

  • Pedro Amador said:

    I would like to buy SUPERTUNIAS in different colors, either seeds, or small plants. Do you sell them? Please let me know.

    Pedro Amador
    Tel. 787-996-4451

  • diane admin

    Hi, no I do not sell any at this time, maybe try looking online or better yet locally..


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