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Miscanthus Little Zebra Grass


Miscanthus sinensis ‘Little Zebra’ PP#13008
Little Zebra Grass

Little Zebra Grass features spectacular gold and green stripes and a pleasing,  nice compact, mounding habit.

In early fall, this spunky grass sends out attractive reddish, fan-shaped blooms that are held one foot above the foliage.

The plumes change to a creamy tan color providing winter interest in the landscape.

The shape and size makes  Little Zebra Grass  the right proportion for small gardens, patios and decks. Its decorative leaves earn it a favored spot in large planters and urns.

This is a sturdy dwarf Miscanthus that holds its shape; it is unlikely to reseed because of its late blooming characteristic.

This is a  warm season, variegated foliage, thin bladed grass. Very attractive!

Grows 3 feet, 4 feet with flower

Plumes  flower seed heads  in  September

Grows in  Zones 4-8, however , they do not always winter in my area .. so can also treat as a annual

 Origin: Asia

I love this grass, but wish it was a tad more hardy for my area.. I have moved this grass to see if that may help for the next season , so time will tell.. It is a well worth having in your choice of plants for the upcoming season.

Happy Gardening


Diane Mumm

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