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Panicum virgatum ‘Hänse Herms’ Red Switchgrass


Panicum virgatum ‘Hänse Herms’
Red Switchgrass

Green in the summer, this two-foot cultivar turns a magnificent red in the fall, especially in Northern gardens.

Good for mass plantings. Very drought tolerant.

Hanse Harms is a  warm season grass , with  green foliage

Grows to a height of  2 feet, 2.5 feet with flower, sun, dry,

Plume flowers in July, beautiful airy plumes .

Likes  Zones 4-10

Origin: North America, Central America

This is a nice grass if you are looking for a grass that spreads nicely.. Give it sun to bring out the redness in late summer into fall.

Happy Gardening


Diane Mumm

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