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Garnet Brocade Sedum

Garnet Brocade Sedum

This is my favorite of all Sedums I have grown.

As sedums are succulents they hold water in their leaves, makes for them to be somewhat drought tolerant.

This new cultivar (Garnet Brocade Sedum) is similar to the old standby ‘Matrona’, but has more of a purplish cast to the foliage and a better habit. The purplish cast is better known if you give it the adequate sun it needs to turn the leaves to this beautiful color.

‘Garnet Brocade’ has a more compact hybrid stonecrop that typically grows in an upright mound to 14” tall and 18” wide.

It is noted for having succulent burgundy bronze foliage and garnet red flowers. Flowers bloom in flattened cymes from late summer to fall. Flowers are attractive to butterflies and bees. U. S. Plant Patent Applied For (PPAF).

In late fall burgundy flowerbuds open to garnet red sprays of flowers that butterflies flock to in droves. Yes butterflies love the flower of all sedums.. It is such a joy to watch them flock to the sedums when in full bloom.. Great food source!

Full sun. Hardy to zone 4.

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Diane Mumm

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  • Jacki said:

    Love the combination of the Sedum ‘Garnet Brocade’ and the yellow coneflower behind it, and the pale lemon flower in front. I’ll have to remember that…

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