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Juncus effusus ‘Unicorn’ Giant Spiral Rush


Juncus effusus ‘Unicorn’ – Spiralis Rush

When compared to other curly rushes, Juncus effusus ‘Unicorn’ is more substantial in every way. It is deeper green and has more twirls; it is more vigorous, taller, and easier to grow.

It is a fun, interesting rush that is great to use around the borders of larger ponds or in gardens with average soil, where it will surely attract plenty of attention and elicit wide grins.

Juncus Spiral Rush’s corkscrew-like foliage is highly valued in flower arrangements.

Juncus effusus ‘Unicorn’ is a selection of the University of British Columbia Botanical Garden. It was collected from the province of BC and was planted in the UBC Native Garden by Al Rose.

Juncus Rush is a  warm season rush with dark green foliage.

Grows 10-12 inches tall likes a  sun-part shade and wet-average  soil conditions..

More info:

This soft rush will perform surprisingly well in average garden soils as long as they receive consistent irrigation. Clumps are often slow to establish, but once established will spread by creeping rhizomes. Soft rush may be grown in tubs or containers sunk in the mud to control unwanted rhizome spread. Plants will also naturalize by self-seeding. In cold climates, clumps die to the ground in winter. Cut back old foliage in early spring

Hardy in  Zones 5-9

Origin: North America

Juncus Unicorn Rush is a very interesting plant , and I think it will be a conversation piece at the greenhouse .

Happy Gardening


Diane Mumm

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