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KALANCHOE tomentosa Plant Plant


KALANCHOE tomentosa Plant Plant

Silvery, densely felted, fleshy leaves with brown markings on edges. Whitish flowers with light brown stripes. A ‘must have’ succulent!

Small branching plant with rounded leaves covered in silvery hairs and with a brown tip.

Flowers consist of Green-yellow bell-shaped flowers. 

Prefers full sun to partial shade, well drained soil. Should be kept moist during the summer but watered only sparingly in winter.

Can be propagated by seeds or cuttings in spring or summer.

Suitable for the home or a greenhouse


Hardy in Zones 10-11 , grow as a houseplant and keep year around. Frost tender, miniumum temperatures of 45-59F are required.

I have this succulent but mine is  more on the green side.. I love it! Very easy to take care of..

Happy Gardening


Diane Mumm

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