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Alternanthera Partytime Joseph’s Coat



Alternanthera Partytime Joseph’s Coat  

Uniformly variegated green and pink ground cover that performs well in the shade. This is a foliage plant that I have come to love . Very Unique !     

Easy to care for and will reward you with color all season. Pinch or shear as needed.

 • Heat Tolerant 

• Landscape Plant      

Plant in pots or landscapes, plant in partial sun to shade. Grows 18-36 inches tall .  Annual except in zones 9-11    

This is a very colorful foliage plant. It looked really good in my grove either in containers or in the ground , among my Hostas.

Happy Gardening


Diane Mumm

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4 Opinions

  • maggie metcalf said:

    Just bought one and have questions. How much water? can I get seeds or take it in in the winter?


  • diane admin

    Water when dry, they like part sun to shade area, and no you can not get seeds, they do not flower, just foliage plant.. You can try and take in for the winter , never hurts to try, place by a bright window and see what happens .. Will be fun to see how it does for you.. Good Luck!

  • Uta said:

    I just bought one and I live in Houston, Tx. I am not sure if this is an annual or perennial but per your blog it looks to be perennial. My question is should I just put it in a pot now and plant it in the spring? I really love it and would like to keep it around for a while.

  • diane admin

    Hi, if you live in zones 9-11, yes a perennial for you.. if not just a annual and will not outlast the outdoors , but could possibly bring in..
    good luck

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