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Diamond Frost Euphorbia

Diamond Frost Euphobia

Clouds of airy white flowers all season.

This is a plant that literally is hard to keep on the shelves, very popular and sells quickly.

Diamond Frost makes a great filler plant , as it intermingles through other plants, and it also looks good as a stand alone plant.

Heat tolerant and low maintenance .


 Adaptable as a Houseplant
• Best Seller
• Deadheading Not Necessary
• Deer Resistant
• Drought Tolerant *
• Heat Tolerant
• Landscape (Professional)
• Landscape Plant
• Must Have

Tip: Plants in the spurge family often will bleed a milky, white sap if cut or wounded. This sap is a form of latex. Most people will have little or no reaction due to sap exposure from the euphorbia that Proven Winners sells. However, people with sensitive skin or latex allergies should be cautious when handling euphorbia. Poinsettias are in this same family. If you have ever experienced a skin irritation due to contact with poinsettias you should be cautious with all euphorbia.

Plant in sun to parttial shade depending on your area. Grows 12-18 inches tall.

Hardy to 40 degrees, Grow as a annual except in zones 10-11

I love this plant and so do many others, it is so airy and looks good with combination containers.

Happy Gardening


Diane Mumm

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