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Dorotheanthus ‘Mezoo’ Aptenia Trailing Succulent

Doreanthus ‘Mezoo’

Trailing Red Succulent.

A unique low-growing plant that can used either alone or in mixed containers.

Very controlled growth habit, it will form small red flowers when grown under high light and warm temperatures.

It has excellent heat and drought tolerance in the landscape.

This is a unique plant that reminds me up a iceplant, does do well as a houseplant too.. Plant in good lighting.

How to Propagate

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Diane Mumm

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12 Opinions

  • Kylee from Our Little Acre said:

    I had this in my flower boxes this summer! I was going to pot them up in a hanging basket and bring them in, but I didn’t. Wish I had now. :-(((

    Here’s a photo I took of it in September: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v31/kbaumle/Garden%202009/doreanthus_9_26_09_b.jpg

  • diane admin

    Hi Kylee, it appears to be pretty easy to keep inside, I am taking cuttings off for this season.. I really like this plant.. and you photo is fantastic.. Hopefully you can find it again this year.. 🙂


  • mary said:

    How do I make cutting from a Mezoo Doreanthus?
    I just love this plant. Thank you Mary,

  • diane admin

    Mary, I just cut lengths of a few inches and used bottom heat and kept moist with a dome lid, worked great for me..

  • Tim said:

    Hi Diane

    Nice site.

    D. ‘Mezoo’ is something I’ve been curious about.

    It sure doesn’t look like any Doreanthus I’ve seen. However, it does look an awful lot like Aptenia cordifolia.

    I’ve had it, purchased as D. ‘Mezoo’ from Lowe’s, and my plants sure looked like that Aptenia. I’ve had parts revert to non-variegated, which also looked just like plain green Aptenia.

    Do you know anything about it or have any thoughts?


  • diane admin

    Hi, it is called both names and I believe the same plant.. I am sure many plants can revert back to what is crossed to come up with this varieties, hostas do this all the time..

    When I purchased this plant a couple years ago, the tag stated Mezoo Doreanthus, but lately I have seen the same plant name Aptenia .

    I hope this helped


  • Leo said:

    Can’t resist. This is an Aptenia. Often called A. cordifolia, but actually a hybrid of A. cordifolia x. haeckeliana (called ‘Red Apple’). This is the variegated version of ‘Red Apple’, properly called ‘Mezoo’.

    With Doreanthus they probably meant Dorotheanthus.

  • Anne Cash said:

    I want to purchase a Mezoo Doreanthus! I’m not so great on the computer so after looking at 40,000,000+ plants I still haven’t found a Mezoo to buy! Can you help? Thanks, Anne

  • diane admin

    If you live in the states, I should have some of these available later this May and will post online , just go to the link on the right that states buy plants online.. this will take you to my ebay account.. thanks for asking..

  • Mary Kay Cockley said:

    On 6/23/10 you stated that you propagate them using bottom & a dome lid. What do you mean by “bottom heat”? I’ve tried putting the pieces in water but they rot. Thank you.

  • diane admin

    I use a heating mat or another name is germinating mat , this aids in faster root development. Since a succulent they will not do well rooting in water..sorry this is late!

  • Janet Yang said:

    Just to be clear: You stick the cuttings into dry soil, then water very little—not enough to wet all the soil?

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