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How to Grow and Care for Heuchera Plants Also Called Coral Bells

How to Grow and Care for Heuchera Plants  Also Called Coral Bells

Heuchera Electra

Today’s topic  is exploring the world of Heuchera’s also known as Coral Bells.

If you are  needing color and contrast in your landscape all season long,  Have you thought of adding Heuchera perennial plants?

Why are Heuchera’s  becoming so popular?   Well, the foliage outshines the bloom with most Heuchera’s , there is nothing like seeing all the different  color combinations and contrasts.

Heuchera’s are easy to grow, carefree plants that bring so much value and beauty to your landscaped areas.

Every year new varieties are coming out, with different leaf shapes, sizes, textures, and color.

The foliage color ranges from purple, peach, green , burgundy , chartreuse, browns, and rusts. With many more to come.

Heuchera’s  all bloom but in reality this is not the most significant attribute of them. The foliage color last’s all season making this the most  valued feature.

Heuchera’s can be planted  in the ground, but they really look great in pots during the season.

When most plants are done blooming, heuchera’s keep going and going and what is extra beautiful about them
is they can change coloring as the season’s change.

Heuchera Mint Julep

Let’s begin by talking about Heuchera’s culture. They grow in a sun to partial shade , to shade areas, this will depend on the variety of heuchera you have and where you live.

Heuchera can look different in appearance depending on the lighting you are allowing  it to have during the day. Hotter climates may choose to plant them in morning sun and afternoon shade, cooler climates may get by with more sun . Keep in mind where you live will and can make that difference in planting area.

Heuchera’s bloom in later spring and the color of the blooms varies with each variety, after their done blooming you can remove the stems to clean and tidy up the plant.

Heuchera grow in zones 4-9 and require well drained soil.  Their size and mounded shape makes for a ideal plant in the garden.

When planting them make sure you do not bury the crown to deep, keep the crown slightly above  the
soil, this is where the new growth  takes  place. Pay close attention to this otherwise you could have  some loss.

Dividing Heucheras should be done preferably in the spring. You will know if this is needed when the plant starts to separate in the center.

Placing mulch around the plants can never hurt , this keeps the weeds down and also protects your investment. Just don’t cover to much around the crown area.

So next time you are at the local nursery or gardening center ,  ask them about the new Heuchera  varieties. There is some pretty great things happening in the Heuchera world.

Foliage color is becoming more and more an interest to gardeners around the world. Make sure you include Heuchera  today.

Happy Gardening, and Make it Count!
Diane Mumm

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