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Fishy Fishy In my Patio Goldfish and Koi Water Garden Bringing in for the Winter Months

Bringing my fish the koi and goldfish inside in the fall can be fun but also challenging as I have to catch all of them out in my water garden pond.

I enjoy having them in my patio all winter , as I can hear water running and that is relaxing to say the least.

I also like to bring in some of the floating plants such as water lettuce and water hyacinth. They not only look great but give shelter to the little fish and a food source for all. The plants seem to survive but do struggle a little in the winter months, they need good lighting and a water temp above 50 degrees, but I was able to winter some over last year.

I have found goldfish and especially koi are very hardy fish. They live for a long time if taken care of properly , provided good filtration, and fed regularly.

The koi and goldfish can handle a colder temp water atmosphere making it ideal for my back indoor patio, it stays in the 50’s in the winter months.

This is a personal preference to bring them in , in the winter months, they can also stay in your pond outside provided the depth is I would say at least 3-4 ft in a area in your pond, where it will not freeze solid, and also a open water hole all winter to keep from toxins building up in the pond.

Enjoy your water gardening pond, you may want to do some maintenance to in the fall , as too draining the pond and getting all the sludge removed , this too makes great fertilizer for plants or add to your compost bin..

I like to do my pond cleaning in the spring, by that time everything that has went in the pond such as leaves, will be broke down somewhat. Makes great fertilizer once again for your plants.

I have read that if you have a liner pond to keep it full of water till spring when you clean. This will protect your liner and keep things as they were making less stress on all .

Goldfish and Koi will go into a dormant stage when the water temperature gets colder and remains cold, no feeding is necessary at this time.

Happy Water Gardening, Enjoy !

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