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Ledebouria socialis Scilla Leopard Lily

When I bought this Leopard Lily a few years ago it was stated to be a succulent , but honestly I don’t know that to be true.

The leopard lily is drought tolerant, grows bulbs on the side of the parent bulbs and really is a ideal houseplant which propagation is very easy to achieve.

Planting your leopard lily just right at soil levels helps them to not rot.

Make sure you keep at a medium moisture but allow to dry out between waterings.

Grows to 6 inches tall, like a sun to part sun area. Can tolerate neglect.

Easy to grow  indoor houseplant and is a unusual plant to most people that say they have never seen this plant.

Watch the video as I will be transplanting this unusual plant .

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4 Opinions

  • Brendan said:

    Very cool. I’ve had this growing in a little pot for almost 10 years now and had no idea what it was. Found a clump of them growing under a shrub on the side of a friend’s house, presumably someone had just dumped the plant and it took root. I stuck a few in a pot and they’ve gone with me from California to Oregon to Pennsylvania. Really cool little plants. I’m glad to know they have such a cool name as well: Leopard Lily.

    Thanks for the blog, I’m glad to have found it.

  • adlean davis said:

    you said you may be able to let me order the leopard lily plant in may,will you please let me know, thank you

  • Tom Collins said:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have been trying to find out the name of this plant for 18 years. Even smug Master Gardeners have been stumped! I have sold them off at plant sales and had to admit I didn’t know the name. Mine must somehow be the miniature size because all very compact and healthy mine always grow up to only three inches high. Thanks again!

  • Dianna Lovely said:

    Finally I know what this is! Thank you! I got a piece of Leopard Lily with two other succulents in a pot and when I replanted them the L.L. just went crazy! I have at least a hundred little bulbs now and I had to replants it twice and tear sections of bulbs off to transplant those! I’ve been looking for what this plant is for almost a year and finally found a site for it. Thank you.

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