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New Plant Picks for Spring 2011 at Picket Fence Greenhouse and Gardens

Each new year brings on exciting and new beginnings in planning for the Spring growing season.

Although I have planted a few herbs , lettuce and kale earlier, those were to keep my sanity in our winter months:)

As planting outside is a few long months away, I will be planting soon indoors from seed for the following season.

Getting a jump start on growing , seeds I will be planting first will be perennial seeds, and many annuals seeds that take some time to grow and mature.

So in a few weeks I will be sowing some seeds in my basement. Pretty exciting and fun way to enjoy growing with our winters still very cold.

Take a look at the many new plants I will be growing. Some you may be familiar with and others may be very new to the market .

Here is a small preview of  What is New 2011 at Picket Fence Greenhouse and Gardens. Click the link below to view the rest , nearly 80 new plants with more coming.

 Plant Picks for Spring 2011 at Picket Fence Greenhouse and Gardens

I think this year may be the year I have more new and unique looking plants than any other year,  so I hope to excite my friends and loyal customers when they walk through the door of the greenhouse.

Here’s to the New Year of planting , we have 4 months of planting seeds indoors , in  March we start moving plants in the greenhouse to transplant our seedlings.

Transplanting is truly my favorite part  of greenhouse growing.

Stay tuned to the goings on, as I will be updating , and video making along the way.

Happy Gardening

Diane Mumm

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