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Miscanthus Silberpfeil Japanese Silver Arrow

Miscanthus Silberpfeil Japanese  Silver Arrow

As the years go by and more and more plants go into the ground I find myself losing track of names of  (for example) varieties of the many ornamental  grasses.  So many are looking alike nowadays.

So marking your plants with metal tag stakes  when planted is so important,  at least to me . The one in the photo was a grass I had to research because I received a few that were very similiar in appearance, but feel I do have the correct identification .

I am a huge lover of ornamental grasses, and have several different hardy grasses for my area now.  Over  the years I have become pretty attached and delighted  to see them thriving in my perennial areas. This one particular species is one I hope everyone can enjoy.

Why are grasses so popular today in the landscapes of many homes today. It is pretty simple I believe. Grasses  add so much interest  to your landscape, many hours of viewing pleasure ,grasses give you  interest throughout the seasons and  they are relatively easy to grow and care for.

One of my favorite grasses is the Miscanthus Silberpfeil Japanese  Silver Arrow. I honestly love many Miscanthus species because they grow really well in my zone 5 area.

When you can have a grass that has wide variegated blades and arching habit , with pinkish blooms in the fall , why would you every complain!

Growing height can vary depending on where you plant this beautiful gem, but I had mine in a full sun area and it grew 5-6ft tall I would say with plumage. 

Can be grown in sun to partial shaded area with average soil conditions, well drained is always best. Clump forming and not overly aggressive spread in my area.

Ornamental grasses are fairly easy to grow once established.  Years and years of beauty will surround you, when the wind blows you will not only see the beauty but you will also hear as the grass blades  are whisping and moving in the wind. Very calming and peaceful!

This photo was taken this fall 2010 , but I planted this grass here just a couple years back and it has grown quite nicely in size. Looks like division will be possible this Spring .

I love to leave my grasses stand each winter season, which adds plenty of interest when the weather is cold and snowy. Usually a nice tan in color dusted with light snow makes for a beautiful photo.

When spring arrives cut back to around 6 inches, then make divisions if you feel the plant is large enough.

I have seen conflicting hardy zone areas for this ornamental grass , but since I am in zone 5 , zone 5-9 should work fine.

In this video I am giving you a closeup view , and talking about this beautiful Miscanthus grass.

My advice is if you like the look of ornamental grasses,  get a growing  them , but make sure you know and have researched  the variety for your general zone area.

Check out more of my grasses Here

Happy Gardening

Diane Mumm

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