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Polemonium Brise D’ Anjou and STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN

Polemonium Caeruleum Brise d ‘ Anjou and STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN

If anyone knows  me they know I love foliage plants, foliage with color other than just green. Variegated in nature which makes these two varieties so popular.

Well, in this photo  there is  two jacob’s ladder also know as Polemonium.

Stairway to Heaven  PP#15187 (right) has the larger leaves with light blue flowers, and the Brise d’ Anjou  PP # 9,781 (left ) has smaller leaves with darker blue flower.

These perennial plants look great at all times regardless if blooming or not. One reason to add them to your landscape.

Polemonium Stairway to Heaven

When this variety of polemonium comes to life in the Spring, you will see pink edges along the leaf edges, it is just beautiful , I love this feature!

As it grows it forms a mounded shape that blooms light blue flowers in late spring, the blooms are lightly fragrant.

Appreciates  growing in a moist area especially if you live in a warmer climate. Plant in a semi shade area , depending on where you live but would definitely give it shade in late afternoon hours.

 Stairway to Heaven keeps on producing leaves throughout the season.

Grows to a height of  15-20 inches with a 12 inch spread, and is hardy in zones 4-8.

Polemonium Brise d’ Anjou

Eye catching Jacob’s Ladder Brise d’ Anjou is another must have perennial .

This cultivar is very similar , but the leaves are slightly smaller and the bloom is a violet blue  in color

Attributes for both Polemonium include:  Attracts Butterflies; Native; Showy Flowers; Showy Foliage

Clump forming and needs stable moist conditions, protect in harsh winters, may be slow to come back if left get dry in the fall months.

Grows 18-24 inch with flower, and hardy in zones 4-8 , zones seems to vary online slightly so do your research in your area.

Plant once again in a partial shade to shade area

Both varieties of Polemonium give you interest all season regardless of bloom. This is a added feature which you will not get with most perennials.  They look great planted in masses, amongst hostas, etc.

I love them and recommend them if they are suited for your area zone.

Happy Gardening

Diane Mumm

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