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Echeveria Perle von Nurnberg


 Echeveria Perle von Nurnberg

What a  sweet succulent! Which means extra beautiful. Hoping to get some more photos soon, truly excited to have this added to my collection of succulents.

When it comes to succulents color and textures,  this one really stands out. Giving us such beauty as it grows and matures.

I don’t know about you , but succulents have become my weakness when purchasing plants. My basement is now taken over by them and hopefully will be able to thin them out come Spring.

Rosette forming succulent of pale grayish-brown foliage with pinkish highlights and a white powdery dusting on the leaves.

Coral flowers with a yellow center appear on a 1-foot long reddish stem in the summer.

Grows to 12 inches by 12 inches. For full sun in well-drained soil or in a container in full sun in zones 9 to 10, and Hardy to 25 degrees

Plant origin states from Mexico, and is in the family Crassulaceae (Stonecrops).

Noted as the most beautiful plant one can grow, easy care and low water drought tolerant plants.

Here is a little History on this succulent Echeveria Perle von Nurnberg.

This plant is a hybrid between Echeveria gibbiflora ‘Metalica’ x E. potosina (now E. elegans) that was created by Richard Graessner of Perleberg, Germany in the 1930’s, who was considered a famous succulent plant grower in his time.

Many succulents do well indoors as houseplants, but do prefer staying on the cooler side, especially those that tend to  stretch, but I have had really good results with most succulents only a few seem to require cooler temps to reduce stretching.

Enjoy your succulents, if you don’t have any, they are becoming very popular on the market. Most nurseries and garden centers  carry some varieties of succulents.. So watch for them!

Happy Gardening

Diane Mumm 

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8 Opinions

  • Cindy Bellwood said:

    I have several of Echeveria ‘Perle Von Nurnberg’. They are beautiful mixed in with other succulents or in a pot by themselves.

  • diane admin

    Hi Cindy, I can see they will blend well with many other succulents, can’t wait !

  • Wesley said:

    Do these come back every year or do I need to plant new ones?

  • diane admin

    depends on your zone, just a annual here in the midwest..

  • Angela said:

    My beautiful Echeveria Perle von Nurnberg has lost most of its leaves. Do you know what might be wrong? I suspect that my husband might be watering it too much.

  • diane admin

    could be , they are succulent can handle a watering but let dry out between the next watering..

  • Rosalie said:

    I have a this beautiful plant and it thrived outdoors here in NC during the summer but it’s getting down to the 30’s at night so I brought it in. I had it on my covered porch but inside they are starting to lay down, leaves are shrivelling and one trunk is splitting. I’d like to think I have 2 green thumbs but this one is stumping me. All of my other succulents are doing very well inside, even my Rope Hoya. This is one of my favorite plants and would love to find out what’s wrong. They’ve all double tripled in size since I’ve gotten them and spent out multiple pups. I don’t want to lose this plant so any advice would be great

  • diane admin

    Hi , if the leaves are shriveling sounds like it needs some moisture, not sure on the splitting, sudden extreme temp changes can cause some issues.. some succulents do better indoors than others.. they like to stay on the cool side and this helps so they do not stretch to fast.. if you have offsets of this same plant that is good to start new.. you can’t save them all I have found… that is why I always start new ones.. hope this helps..

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