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Oxalis Molten Lava

Photo courtesy of provenwinners.com

Oxalis Molten Lava

What do you think about this Proven Winner cutie ?

 Well my thoughts are we have a standoutish plant before our eyes. I love foliage color. The blooms as you can see are yellow amongst that foliage  may get lost , but I still am loving it.

Check this out! Low light conditions  the foliage is chartreuse in color ,  how does that happen? usually sunny conditions makes for bright colors I am loving this already.  So when left  in sunny areas it turns a rich orange color.  I am impressed !

Sterile  and appears to be noninvasive. Requires little maintenance care and get this no deadheading as it is self cleaning.

Grows 6-10 inches tall, has a mounded habit, and is classified as a filler plant in containers, meaning this plant  intermingles well with other plants to fill in the middle ground of a combination.

Bloom time is spring and summer months, Hardy to 28 degrees , and is Hardy in zones 9-11. Grows well in sun to part sun and is pretty easy to care for.

Sounds like it will do well anywhere you plant, landscapes, containers, baskets,  you name it.

I will be growing this for the Spring 2011 season , I look forward as I am always looking for foliage color.

Happy Gardening

Diane Mumm

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6 Opinions

  • Donna said:

    love the color and it is eye catching…thx for sharing it
    Donna recently posted..Journey

  • diane admin

    Yes the color is fantastic, I hope it does as well as stated for my area.. Can’t wait to grow it, thanks for stopping by Donna.

  • Carol McC. said:

    I just planted some of this in a brick-red Down Under pot with Coleus Henna. Not sure how well it will do, hanging on my north-facing front porch, but we’ll see. It did look mighty pretty at the nursery.

  • Jan Latusek said:

    This variety of Oxalis is every bit as pretty and reliable as described. I grow it in a trough and in other containers (in Herefordshire, UK). It never fails to please.

  • Jody M said:

    I purchased this in early spring and it is still going strong! This is a wonderful plant! It is beautiful and easy to grow. Looks great in containers. It is still going strong and it is now October. Great mounding habit.
    I am wondering if it will survive the winter if I bring it indoors?
    At the same time, I had purchased a dark purple variety of this oxalis. It is beautiful, as well, with little pink flowers. However, it is not as long-lived – at least that is my experience. It started to die back in September.

  • diane admin

    I loved the plant but really didn’t have the same response from my customers, probably because not enough bloom to satisfy but I love foliage plants a lot, so I ended up planting many myself.. I haven’t grown the dark one , I did notice however the molten lava one could not handle the hot temps in the greenhouse they seems to separate in the center and look stressed I thought.. and they were even in a shaded area.. One I planted outdoors seems to be fine but not all of them made it , just a real hot summer this year..

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