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Planting and Growing from Seed Herbs and Pepper

Possibly the most gratifying and rewarding thing to do is growing your own plants from seeds.  What can be more important than growing your own food!

In today’s world I think everyone should at least be trying their hand  at sowing some seeds , if not from seed then getting starter plants to grow in the garden.

I want to know where some of my food comes from.. I want to clearly know that what I am eating and putting in my mouth , this is a safer practice  and really is fun that is if gardening is your thing.

In 2010 I decided to do some late fall and winter planting , I really hadn’t done this before, but some online gardeners motivated me toward this practice.. My seed sowing usually begins in January of every year , but again I like a challenge.

In this video sowing was in first part of December.. I thought having  a few herbs around for cooking would be wonderful. Cooking with herbs can really add flavor to many dishes.

As of today Jan 21 2011 , these same seeds I sowed are growing quite well. 

Maybe , just maybe this will inspire you to grow a few things for your own needs. It’s fun , rewarding and just a good healthy practice.

Happy Sowing

Diane Mumm

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