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Black Beauty Dahlia

I grow dahlia’s  from seed each and every year, I love how easy they are to grow from seed, and love all the colors there is when you purchase mixed dahlia’s seed packet.

What I am used to seeing is large double dwarf dahlias that can brighten up a pot,  or flower bed.

This year I will have a nearly black dahlia called the Black Beauty Dahlia.

 As you see in the photo it appears to be a very dark mahogany red flowers that actually appear black.  Golden centers which really compliment this flower.

Won a prestigious award in Europe for being a unusual flower with great performance.

Looks great in containers or flower beds, if you are looking for something a little different this just may be the flower for you.

Grows 18inches tall, and well branched plants. Plant in sun and provide well drained soil.

Hardy in zones 8-11, but seems to vary a little online.

I have a feeling I am going to really like this color, will be a great contrast for using in combinations . This may be the darkest dahlia I have grown from seed. Very excited to see how it grows and performs in the greenhouse.

So has anyone grown this dark colored dahlia?? if so please comment below, love some feedback.

Happy Gardening

Diane Mumm

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  • molly said:

    I purchased some seeds for the black beauty… the picture was different than this one… I’ve grown a lot of dahlia’s but never one this dark.. I’m anxious… 🙂 I LOVE new rare flowers…

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