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Amaranthus Autumn’s Touch

Amaranthus Autumns’s Touch

When I see this flower I think of fall, and also the flower reminds me of the perennial astilbe flower and or looks kinda like a celosia flower too.

I am loving the color, and this will be my first year to grow from seed.

The plumage on this amaranthus stands tall  with torches a blazing.

When fall comes the colors will blend great in the autumn landscape. Giant 2 foot plumes with red amaranth foliage which is then combined with soft pistachio-green and bronze tones creating a airy beauty in the summer months.

Gigantic blooms last for many weeks,  as two added bonuses , perfect for cutting or fresh and to be used in dried arrangements. Plus, a ideal food source for the songbirds in the fall.

Attractive to bees, butterflies , and birds. A multi use plant , which in my eyes is a well worth growing plant.

The  plumes show their beauty from summer to fall months, and can even be beautiful if left for winter months.

The color shades of the plumes  have  intense green at the base to lighter celery hues and bronze at the tips. If you are looking for something unusual and different , this is it! 

Autumn’s Touch grows 31/2 – 4′ ft tall, beautiful dark green foliage that have thick stems . No staking here folks!

Plant in full sun area, with well drained soil.  No zone area given.

Plant as a backdrop or center of a flower bed. No doubt this will look good anywhere.

I have a feeling , this plant will be hot, hot, hot.

Happy Gardening

Diane Mumm 🙂

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