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We have Baby Goldfish From the Outside Water Garden Pond to the Indoor Aquarium

We have Baby Goldfish From the Water Garden Pond to the Indoor Aquarium

Love working with my goldfish either indoors or outside . This year we have plenty of baby goldfish that were born in our water garden pond outside.

I usually like to fish them out so the large koi and large goldfish don’t decide to have them for lunch.

The fish love to hide in the hornwort plants and this is also the plant that the larger goldfish spawn in.

My 30 gallon aquarium tank is now holding at a guess 40 baby goldfish fry , they are loving their new home and feel safe.

I purchased some goldfish food that is suppose to enhance the color and immunity and already I am seeing the difference in there activity just after a few days of feeding.

Goldfish are relatively easy to care for, They are hardy and like cold water atmosphere.

I used to have tropical but since I get baby goldfish every year now I have a good supply and no longer need any other fish.

The baby goldfish range in different colors and that will change as they grow.

One thing in the winter months it is nice to watch and observe these busy little guys , passes time and is just plain fun.

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