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About and How To Dividing Propagating Baby Tears Houseplant

Baby Tears Plant- Scientific Name: Soleirolia soleirolii (Helxine soleirolii)

Baby Tears plants is a creeping mosslike plant that has dainty leaves along threadlike stems.  Green leaves that spread and mound over the sides of your pot.

Loves humidity but must have good air circulation especially if grown in terrariums. Make sure it is a open terrarium.

Moisture love so keep moist and give baby tears bright light to filtered light .

Here in this photo is a young transplanted baby tears plant just starting to fill the 4 inch pot.

Use a all purpose soil, I used a peat and perlite soil that has worked well. Grow in a house to cool area , also done well in the greenhouse until we had extreme heat.

Easy to divide propagate baby tears houseplant. You can propagate by division or stem cuttings . Just place onto soil and keep moist.

This plant can spread quickly and easy to make more plants out of. I know this from experience , so make more of the mother plant , it is a nice gift too!

Baby Tears plant is a mat forming spreading small leaved plant that I have come to love. I am not sure I would of ever got this plant if not for a friend who wanted for her mom.. Now I am hooked!

The 2nd photo shows the baby tears growing in a 4 in pot for a few months you can see how it is mounding now over the sides of the pot.

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