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About Nematanthus Goldfish Plant Propagation Cuttings

 About Nematanthus Goldfish Plant Propagation Cuttings

Nematanthus – Goldfish plant

The goldfish plant has to be in the category of one of my favorite plants. I have read there is over 30 species of the Nematanthus.

I purchased  around 6 cuttings awhile back not knowing anything about this plant, but I love the uniqueness , the  name that to me was enough to draw my interest.

Goldfish plant originates from Brazil, Costa Rica and the southernmost regions of Mexico.

The goldfish plant has beautiful glossy thick leaves and blooms profusely with orange goldfish shape flowers. One of the most beautiful plants I have grown.

When young the plant grows upright. As it ages it will tend to trail. Loves a more pot bound situation, repot  in spring if you feel it has outgrown it’s surroundings.

 Goldfish Plant Propagation

They like bright indirect  light, and I am growing my under shop lights in my basement.  They also like to remain moist but honestly I water mine ever week but sometimes they do dry slightly between waterings and this appears to work for me.

Stems may grow up to 3 ft (90 cm) long if not pinched back. Moderate to high humidity

You can propagate either from seed or cuttings.  Take cuttings  around 4 inches anytime in the spring and end of summer months. Grow in  peat , perlite  soil mix.

Grow as a hanging basket will definitely show this plant to it’s full potential.  If you have trouble with the plant not blooming try moving in a lighter location.

 Goldfish Plant Propagation

Planting the this goldfish plant from cuttings was easy and fun. This unique plant is easy to grow and propagate from cuttings. Orange goldfish like flowers making a great conversation plant to share with others.

Video Tutorial on planting the  goldfish plant from some propagated cuttings..

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7 Opinions

  • Michael said:

    I am trying to root my goldfish cuttings I did exactly as you described. They look good but I see nothing. It’s been about 10 days. So could you tell me approximately how long it would take to start rooting will I only see the roots of the top like you did in the video because um I see nothing yet.
    What is the time line that I should be looking for. In arizona right now it’s in the ninety’s.. And a night in the mid sixty’s. But I am attempting to root them inside Do you think I need a heating pad I haven’t tried that trick yet.

  • diane admin

    It will take longer than 10 days, I don’t remember the length of time when I grew them , but it wasn’t very long.. I did use a heating mat that probably made it quicker, just be patient it will happen.. keep the humidity up helps too.:)

  • Debbie Grauel said:

    I had a Gold Fish plant for years and this year they all died. After some thought the only thing different was in the spring I put a baby lima bean plant in the same window and after a bit everyone of my plants died. They looked alive but when touched the leaves fell off. I would like to know if your company sells them, because I would like to get new plants. I rooted mine in water to reproduced and that worked fine until this year and I tried to propagate without sucess. Do you think the bean plant could of had something to do with it dying?

  • Kathy said:

    Just received three branches from a friend yesterday. They have been in water, but I don’t see any roots. They look kind of wilted. Should I try to root these as branches or cut them up. I noticed yours were all tip cutting. Will they root if they aren’t tip cuttings?

  • diane admin

    I rooted mine in soil with moist conditions.. they may perk up , give them time if not cut off the wilted part and try and reroot the rest..

  • diane admin

    no I don’t sell any at this time but possibly in the future.. thanks for checking! not sure on the bean plant.. they goldfish like to be watered well , then let them dry out completely and water again , they are succulent like and don’t require as much water.. hope that helps!

  • Pam Shields said:

    I got some slips from someone in an office. Her plant was beautiful! I had never seen one before. I am going back today to get some more slips. As far as rooting; it took close to a month before they started getting roots. So, don’t get discouraged!

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