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Picket Fence Greenhouse/ Gardens & DianeMummVideos

Growing Flowers Dahlia, Lobelia,Celosia, Coleus, From Seed Indoors

Growing from seed flowers indoor under lights .

One of my fav’s Celosia New Look

Red Shades Dahlia

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  • Sutton Bogedain said:

    You mention in a 2011 video that you were having trouble germinating vinca and were about to get some fungicide. A friend of mine, a grower and hybridizer of exotic strawberries, had a similar problem with his seeds. he solved it by using vermicompost tea in the initial watering. It completely solved the problem for these hard to germinate seeds and was much cheaper than commercial fungicide. His address is mike@strawberryseedstore.com; He was a professional chemist before he started the strawberry store (Just to let you know he’s not a quack.)

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