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Thunbergia Black Eyed Susan Vines Growing in the Greenhouse

In this video I talk about the thunbergia vine, also known as black eyed susan vine.

Even thou Black Eyed Susan vines are just annuals in my area zone, they beat out any perennial vine that we can grow here, and here is why. Blooms all season , loves heat, and is down right pretty all season and even into fall!

Thunbergia Blushing Susie was started from seed, and it is lovely and does just as well as all other varieties. The color on this vine is yellow to reddish tones. Very unique and beautiful! I like to put 3-4 plants per basket and from the picture you can see it does fill out and flourish. Once the heat comes on , so does the growth , so look out!

Orange Beauty Thunbergia is also started from seed , however you can also buy this one in plug form, but if I can find the seed I will grow it. I love orange flowers whenever I can get them.

Hardiness weather around 32C degrees. Grows 5-8 ft in length so allow room to grow. Some varieties may vary in size. Blooms all season long making long lasting color .

What is your favorite black eyed susan vine? Those of you thinking about growing this one, I wouldn’t hesitate , you will love it.

I would rate this vine 5 *****

Thunbergia- Lemon Star Black-Eyed Susan Vine is a sunny yet bright black eyed susan vine you definitely want your hands on it you can get it. This one in particular was grown from a plug, which means a already started plant. The flowers I noticed are much bigger on this plant than on the seeded varieties.

Black Eyed Susan Vines love sun, heat and moisture. Work great in baskets, pots or planted directly in the ground, but look out they grow and they grow like a weed, a darn pretty weed.. Just kidding no weed here . I love it’s habit, fast and furious!

Have fun Growing!
Check out my website here and view photos of this beautiful vine.

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