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Big Greenhouse is Empty- Touring the Outdoor Perennial Gardens

The big greenhouse is now empty , all plants left are placed in my smaller greenhouse. What is left is succulents, green plants such as ferns, caladiums, mandevillas , etc.

Succulents will be wintered indoors when our weather gets colder, the rest well I hope I can find homes for them. Succulents such as agave,echeveria,kalanchoe, are a joy to keep indoors all winter . This helps winter pass by .

The perennial yard now has a shade structure that will aid in shading the plants from heat and sun during the summer months. I love it and it appears to work quite well. It is a 40 % shade made very well with 2″ metal poles.

The flowers are blooming extremely well . Flowers such as marigolds, vinca, rudbeckia goldstrum black eyed susan,garden phlox, hibiscus, and I am really enjoying the ornamental grasses.

Love being outdoors in the months where I can really enjoy the beauty around me. Never take it for granted !

Happy Gardening,

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