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Amaranthus Josephs Coat

Tweet  Amaranthus Josephs Coat Tricolor Summer Poinsettia  Amaranthus Joseph Coat is beautiful when used in containers , edging, or mass plantings.. A Blazing whirl of fantastic color. So striking, it can be planted as a specimen plant. Splashes of burgundy red throughout the leaf structure. The top section is yellow and red splashes , very different […]

Edible Herbs

Tweet   Read more here- Rosemary Herb Thyme Thyme is a great plant to use in containers; it also is pretty hardy and may winter over for you. Thyme has a wonderful aroma and is a great addition to your herb garden Seasoning for poultry, chowders, stews, sauces and pickles. Honey plant for bees. Read […]

Growing and Caring for Hostas.

Tweet Today’s topic will be focused on Growing and Caring for Hostas. Hostas are one of the most sought after perennial plant for part sun to shade areas. So what is so great about Hostas? Well Hostas are a pretty care free perennial , with a few exceptions. With thousands of varieties out there today […]

Vegetable Gardening Videos

Tweet 2nd harvest of the lettuce and kale indoors I started from seed back in November 2010. So what happens when you get lots of rain and no time to weed.. Yep a weedy garden actually kinda embarassed but hey just couldn’t get it done. Today’s video is working on my flower garden areas, and […]

Hosta Woodland Garden

Tweet Hosta Woodland Garden at Picket Fence Greenhouse – Started this woodland garden back in 2003, it is now pretty much full of shade loving plants. This is a walk thru area where people can see first hand how these plants do and what they look like at a mature size. One thing I love […]

Heuchera/Heucherella Species

Tweet   Different Varieties Heuchera/Coral Bells Can’t wait to get my hands on these again come Spring! Heuchera also know as Coral Bells.. I  just love this type  of perennial . Most will flower but the superb feature is the color of foliage all season long.  It just can’t be beat , very nice among […]

Greenhouse Growing

Tweet Getting Ready to Go , A Look Inside My Dirty Greenhouse Plants Galore in the Greenhouse –Inside my Greenhouse tour March 2011 Look What’s Growing In the Greenhouse Plus Maintenance On Plants Greenhouse update during the months April-May 2011.. It is June 2011 , this is a greenhouse tour here in Iowa of what […]

Gardening Humor & Quotes

Tweet Gardening Humor and Quotes A good gardener always plants 3 seeds – one for the bugs, one for the weather and one for himself. – Leo Aikman Early to Bed , Early to Rise Work Like Hell and Fertilize The four seasons are salt, pepper, mustard and vinegar. Gardening Rule: When weeding, the best […]

Bird Watching Videos

Tweet Bird watching is one hobby I really enjoy in the winter months here in the midwest.. I like to take footage indoors through my windows.. I hope you enjoy the views .. Woody Downy Woodpecker All new video footage Common Blue Jay, their beauty really shows here in the snow. Although can be a […]