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Bird watching is one hobby I really enjoy in the winter months here in the midwest.. I like to take footage indoors through my windows.. I hope you enjoy the views ..

Woody Downy Woodpecker

All new video footage Common Blue Jay, their beauty really shows here in the snow. Although can be a very mean bird it wouldn’t be the same without their presence.

I throughly enjoyed putting folk music with this video, if you don’t like folk you probably won’t like this video.
Again bird watching from my window indoors.
northern cardinal, common bluejay,dark eyed junco,white crown sparrow,american gold finch,downy woodpecker..

Most of you may not know I am a avid bird watcher that is when I can. All video footage was filmed indoors because of our cats outdoors.. I will be having a series of bird watching videos so stay tuned .. This is a beginner video I know the lighting is not the best but it is because I am filming through a window, stay tuned I have Lots of great footage coming ..

Featured in this video is
Common Blue Jay
Northern Cardinal
American Gold Finch
Dark Eyed Junco
White Crowned Sparrow
Downy Woodpecker

Music supplied by Kevin Macleod

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