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Digging and Harvesting Carrots – Rhode Island Red Chickens are Helping

Hey it’s Diane, Today Nov 15.2016 ..

I’m Digging my carrots out in the garden because it is just a beautiful day here in the Midwest..and I have to show you whats going on here, okay it’s kinda fun.. As soon as I started digging the chickens came and started scratching in the dirt looking for bugs, because there isn’t very many bugs here right now since it is a lot cooler at night..so I will show you and let you enjoy that..

How much fun is that! see the carrots on the ground even have some mallard ducks here picking around the dirt, how much fun.. These chickens  have been in my garden a lot they are always scratching and looking for something to eat.. since there is not very many bugs and worms around anymore..

Today, I thought I would shoot a quick video and let you know I am still around.

We are going to get some of these carrots picked up and see if I can get these chickens to keep digging.

This is my second planting, I mean this is my second crop that I have dug. You know they are not terrific but these were really crowded and you know they are not  to bad.  It is  goning to  be enough, I will take and freeze them and it is just perfect for me .

Should we dig up some dirt you chickens, yeah a the soil is  a little bit dry. We have been pretty dry for a good month or better. We could really use the rain.

These chickens are so friendly because I raised them and they are pretty tame. .

Alright I’m going to finished up here.

How things been going with everybody? I haven’t been on youtube. It just seems like time goes so fast anymore and I just I am lucky to get some of this stuff done.

I will make a video soon as we made a homemade cellar in our garage it actually has been there but we dug it out and hopefully I’ll be making a video on our cellar soon.. I am not sure how things will winter in there, depends on how cold we get this winter so we will just have to see.

I am going to show you when I get done how many carrots I have. Like I said these were so crowded they didn’t produce as far as size , but as far as quantity they did..  I just used some the other day in soup so wonderful to have the carrots in the freezer.

I am glad you here and appreciate you watching .

This chickens are kinda fun. I really enjoy having the chickens here. Once in awhile they make me a little mad , because they dig. They are digging up everywhere right now because their looking for bugs. They didn’t have to do that earlier in the season because there was plenty of bugs around. but Right now their just digging all my bark up and everything between my flowers. They are just going crazy because they miss those bugs and worms and all those insects.

I am about done here,  looks like I have more that I need. I might try and put a few of these carrots  down in our little cellar. I don’t know if they are going to keep well because you know these carrots get once they get warmed up they seem to get a little rubbery..I don’t know if that is a big deal but I like them to stay crisp so I may have to do them right away..

Some of these carrots are going to stay out here and just let them compost into the soil. and Everything else will stay and this will give them something to dig and be happy.. Alright there is my carrot harvest not to shabby.. not to bad, pretty happy with it , there is always plenty of carrots..

Let’s just watch them a little bit. I hope you are enjoying them, I sure am.. and I have all the cats out here too having a hay day.. can you see them? ..

This is no hd video, the video recorder wasn’t charged , kitty cat don’t do that!..(cat digging in the soil)  I like to record in hd but it takes to darn long to upload. I hope this will be good enough..

Look at the kitties over there , they are a lot of fun!..

Lets see what these chickens are doing right here . They sure think they can find something in the soil..

These are my rhode island red chickens that I raised. They are not even a year old yet.. They are really nice chickens to have. They produce eggs really well and even through the winter we get some eggs..

One more thing , here is my sweet peppers , the end of the crop.. I just pulled my pepper plants out.. and I still have quite a few.. These were suppose to turn colors, but it is to late in the season now so there not going to be turning colors . There you go, this will be plenty, I have a lot in the freezer already.

So I hope you enjoyed this video I appreciate you stopping by . Maybe this winter I’ll be a little better about getting online and watching some videos.. You guys take care and we will see you on the next one..


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