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Heuchera Miracle

Tweet Heuchera Miracle PP#20,274 You would think after over a dozen different heuchera’s I would have enough but really since they are coming out with more and more colors , shapes and textures, resisting is very tough. Heuchera Miracle has a special name with much meaning and could be used for that special moment in […]

Heuchera Marvelous Marble

Tweet Photo Courtesy of Walters Gardens, Inc. Heuchera americana Marvelous Marble Yet another beautiful Heuchera that will be all mine this Spring. This Heuchera is grown from seed, many will love the ideal of growing their own , but having a finished plant will give you  a much clearer headstart and produce fast gratification. One […]

Polemonium Brise D’ Anjou and STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN

Tweet Polemonium Caeruleum Brise d ‘ Anjou and STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN If anyone knows  me they know I love foliage plants, foliage with color other than just green. Variegated in nature which makes these two varieties so popular. Well, in this photo  there is  two jacob’s ladder also know as Polemonium. Stairway to Heaven  PP#15187 (right) has the […]

Ledebouria socialis Scilla Leopard Lily

Tweet When I bought this Leopard Lily a few years ago it was stated to be a succulent , but honestly I don’t know that to be true. The leopard lily is drought tolerant, grows bulbs on the side of the parent bulbs and really is a ideal houseplant which propagation is very easy to […]

Growing and Storing Caladium Bulbs

Tweet Caladiums are grown for their beautiful foliage color. Caladiums standout  in shade gardens with their large, pointed arrow-shaped leaves splashed with shades of green, white, cream, pink and red. They are considered a tropical plant, meaning they like to live in a warm climate area. To get a head start in spring , start your […]

Heucherella Sweet Tea

Tweet Heucherella Sweet Tea new for 2010 What is a Heucherella?? I love when they cross different species that then form a beautiful looking plant.. Heucherella is a cross between a heuchera and tiarella.  Foliage of a Heuchera and flowers and cut leaves  of a Tiarella together they form this outstanding specimen of a plant. […]

Heuchera Electra

Tweet Heuchera Electra Here is a beauty!  Electra shows off it’s blood red veins with golden leaves, that change throughout the season. The red venation stays while the leaf changes from shades of yellow in spring, to chartreuse in summer and fall, and tan in the winter. Short, dense cones of white flowers. Vigorous grower […]

Heuchera Encore

Tweet Heuchera Encore   Heuchera’s are changing , more and more colors and new introductions are coming out every year.   Foliage color spring through fall season, making them gain popularity within  the landscape industry.    Encore features smaller foliage with rose purple leaves with silver highlights.  The undersides of the leaves are dark purple , […]

Proven Winners Gaura Karalee Petite Pink

Tweet Gaura Karalee Petite Pink Beautiful wands of pink flowers hover like butterflies over dark green to burgundy foliage; blooms all summer.    Features • Attracts Butterflies • Best Seller • Deadheading Not Necessary • Drought Tolerant * • Heat Tolerant • Landscape Plant • Native to the Americas   Grows 12-24 inches tall , […]

Heucherella Golden Zebra

Tweet Heucherella Golden Zebra New for 2010  is this eye catching Heucherella.  This perennial plant is a cross between a heuchera and a tiarella. What beauty is unfolding right before your eyes.   This Heucherella has beautiful shaped leaves with a combination of 2  colors . Bright yellow, feathery leaves are boldly marked with dark-red. A […]

Alternanthera Grenadine Calico Foliage Plant

Tweet Alternanthera Grenadine One of the things that you may look  for in a plant is color, color all season regardless of a bloom or not. Adding color and contrast really can make a container “pop” so to speak. Really shine and make people ask what is that plant. Alternanthera Grenadine also known as the […]

How to Grow and Care for Heuchera Plants Also Called Coral Bells

Tweet How to Grow and Care for Heuchera Plants  Also Called Coral Bells Heuchera Electra Today’s topic  is exploring the world of Heuchera’s also known as Coral Bells. If you are  needing color and contrast in your landscape all season long,  Have you thought of adding Heuchera perennial plants? Why are Heuchera’s  becoming so popular?   […]

ACALYPHA wilkesiana Copperleaf

Tweet ACALYPHA wilkesiana Copperleaf Striking multi-colored leaves from spring until late fall; loves heat and humidity Glossy, bronzy-green leaves mottled with shades of red, crimson, and/or purple. Grown for it’s beautiful foliage. Very Adaptable as a Houseplant Use as a Thriller – Used either in the back or middle of a container. Usually a taller […]

HELICHRYSUM petiolare ‘Limelight’ Licorice Plant

Tweet Helichrysum petiolare licorice plant Spetacular contrast plant with lime-green, aromatic foliage. Do a little, get a lot. Licorice plants are exceptionally easy to grow. They don’t need much in the way of fertilizers. Avoid over-watering. Restrained grower with velvety-soft foliage. Pale chartreuse. Use in Landscapes and containers,  hanging baskets, beds, borders and window boxes […]

CHLOROPHYTUM comosum ‘Milky Way’ Variegated Spider Plant

Tweet CHLOROPHYTUM comosum ‘Milky Way’ Spider Plant Variegated Airplane Plant, Spider Plant  Beautiful, arching, grass-like leaves with white media. Attractive in hanging baskets, mixed planters, and garden edging. Produces flowers and plantlets on long, arching runners (airplanes). Zone 9, most areas can grow as a annual or it does really well as a houseplant. I […]