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How to Grow Herbs from Seed Indoors Plus Those Dreaded Fungus Gnats

Tweet In this video I am planting herbs from seed. Basil seems to be a very popular herb that many use now for cooking purposes. Cinnamon,lemon,lime basil are all easy to grow and smell wonderful. Planting herbs indoors to get a head start is a smart thing to do, you can also grow some herbs […]

How to- Harvesting Herbs Indoors for Cooking Use

Tweet Growing herbs indoors for winter use is pretty rewarding to use in your everyday cooking needs. Harvesting and drying herbs in the winter is really a pretty simple process. I really enjoyed growing herbs this winter I mean what a better way to pass the long cold months indoors. Herbs grow very well indoors  […]

How to Grow from Seed When Planting Lemon Basil, Kale and Lettuce

Tweet   More Seed Packets Arrived- Growing from Seed Continues How to Grow from Seed When Planting Lemon Basil, Kale and Lettuce This video will give you and idea on how to start from seed easily to grow your own food. Growing from seed is the most rewarding thing you can do for yourself and […]

Land Cress Variegated Winter

Tweet   Land Cress Variegated Winter Wow what a beauty within this herb. This looks like a interesting herb , the variegation is beautiful and I am interested in its taste too. Barbarea vulgaris. A new 100% variegated introduction. Winter cress is very popular as a salad ingredient with a taste and look reminiscent of […]

Stevia- The All Natural Sugar Plant

Tweet  Stevia – All Natural Sugar Herb Plant I introduced Stevia to my customers probably around 3 years ago or so. It was relatively new to my business and have had pretty good feedback from others. Especially with people that can not eat sugar of any kind, this makes for a  great alternative . Sweeten Food […]