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Growing Flowers From Seed Plus Update on My Cool Propagated Cuttings

Tweet More Growing From Seed Plus Update on My Cuttings.. Indoor growing in March 2011 plus fun plants I am growing from cuttings.. Still growing from seed in this video I am growing more flower seeds, the melampodium, celosia, and moss rose, plus sharing my propagated cuttings I am growing indoors. There is nothing like […]

About and How To Dividing Propagating Baby Tears Houseplant

Tweet Baby Tears Plant- Scientific Name: Soleirolia soleirolii (Helxine soleirolii) Baby Tears plants is a creeping mosslike plant that has dainty leaves along threadlike stems.¬† Green leaves that spread and mound over the sides of your pot. Loves humidity but must have good air circulation especially if grown in terrariums. Make sure it is a […]

About Nematanthus Goldfish Plant Propagation Cuttings

Tweet ¬†About Nematanthus Goldfish Plant Propagation Cuttings Nematanthus – Goldfish plant The goldfish plant has to be in the category of one of my favorite plants. I have read there is over 30 species of the Nematanthus. I purchased¬† around 6 cuttings awhile back not knowing anything about this plant, but I love the uniqueness […]

Growing and Transplanting Indoors Kalanchoe Mother of Thousands Succulent Plantlet

Tweet Transplanting Kalanchoe plantlets . Unique succulents that from little plants along the edges of their leaves. They are also called Mother of a Thousands. Once you have this succulent you will have plenty of plantlets to regrow new plants every year.

Indoor Plant Seedlings and Propagation Cuttings Tour

Tweet Indoor seedling tour , featuring flower perennial seedling , also included a few vegetables. My propagation cuttings are also doing well indoors.