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How to Grow Pennisetum Mountain Ruby Grass- An Easy to Grow Ornamental Grass

Tweet This was my first year for this grass the Pennisetum Mountain Ruby Grass, and I tell ya it was such a dramatic ornamental showoff in the garden and also in containers. One thing I really noticed was it’s ability to catch my eye every time I walked outdoors.             […]

Thunbergia Black Eyed Susan Vines Growing in the Greenhouse

Tweet In this video I talk about the thunbergia vine, also known as black eyed susan vine. Even thou Black Eyed Susan vines are just annuals in my area zone, they beat out any perennial vine that we can grow here, and here is why. Blooms all season , loves heat, and is down right […]

Plants Galore in the Greenhouse –Inside my Greenhouse tour March 2011

Tweet Plants Galore in the Greenhouse –Inside my Greenhouse tour March 2011 An inside look at Picket Fence Greenhouse of what is growing early March 2011.. All the plants are recently transplanted and are enjoying the sunshine indoors.

New Plant Picks for Spring 2011 at Picket Fence Greenhouse and Gardens

Tweet Each new year brings on exciting and new beginnings in planning for the Spring growing season. Although I have planted a few herbs , lettuce and kale earlier, those were to keep my sanity in our winter months:) As planting outside is a few long months away, I will be planting soon indoors from […]

How to Grow Cyperus Egyptian Papyrus King Tut

Tweet Grass like King Tut has been one of the most interesting plants for  pots , landscapes and water ponds. Not a grass at all but grass like in appearance. King Tut is an evergreen or neutral grass. King Tut is also known as Giant Umbrella Plant, Egyptian Grass, and Cyperus papyrus. It is a […]

Proven Winners Gaura Karalee Petite Pink

Tweet Gaura Karalee Petite Pink Beautiful wands of pink flowers hover like butterflies over dark green to burgundy foliage; blooms all summer.    Features • Attracts Butterflies • Best Seller • Deadheading Not Necessary • Drought Tolerant * • Heat Tolerant • Landscape Plant • Native to the Americas   Grows 12-24 inches tall , […]

SuperTunia Bordeaux

Tweet                SuperTunia Bordeaux Another gorgeous Supertunia beautifully pinkish purple  petunia  veined  with deep plum-burgundy veins. If you haven’t ever planted or seen Supertunias , you are in for a treat. Vigorous long blooming petunias that last throughout the season. Many love petunias,  from the old fashion upright petunias to now the cascading supertunias that really will outdo […]

Pennisetum Ruby Mountain Grass

Tweet Pennisetum Ruby Mountain Grass Beautiful tall green grass ,  with ruby-pink plumes makes this ornamental grass a beauty. Ornamental grasses are usually easy maintenance free plants once established . The beauty lies in the plumes that gracefully move in the wind.  Features Tall, vigorous grass with bright green foliage and ruby-pink plumes • Deadheading […]

Euphorbia Breathless Blush

Tweet Euphorbia Breathless Blush A new Euphorbia is on the horizon.  Euphorbia Breathless Blush has colored foliage as well as bicolor flower. The reason it is called Breathless I believe is  obvious. The only red-flushed leaf Euphorbia on the market! The dark green leaves are flushed with red. Small white bracts flushed with pink cover […]

Alternanthera Grenadine Calico Foliage Plant

Tweet Alternanthera Grenadine One of the things that you may look  for in a plant is color, color all season regardless of a bloom or not. Adding color and contrast really can make a container “pop” so to speak. Really shine and make people ask what is that plant. Alternanthera Grenadine also known as the […]

Proven Winners Bidens Goldilocks Rocks

Tweet Bidens Goldilocks Rocks New introduction in the Biden family for 2011. Yellow flowers just brighten any situation , make everything a little more sunny , and puts a smile on your face. Features Vigorous, heat and drought tolerant; bright gold flowers spring to fall. • Best Seller • Deadheading Not Necessary • Drought Tolerant […]

Proven Winners SuperTunia Vista SilverBerry

Tweet SuperTunia Vista Silver Berry If you love petunias and are tired of the same ole upright falling over old varieties, and seem to need trimming throughout the season , then SuperTunia’s may be the answer . My observation to these plants is they are outstanding in pots , baskets and landscapes. They really outdue […]

Superbells Calibrachoa Coralberry Punch

Tweet  Superbells Calibrachoa Coralberry Punch Another new introduction in the Calibrachoa world for 2011. Unique color of salmon  and coral combination  make this one a head turner. Loving the colors, so vibrant , for sure will be a best seller. Features Abundant, small petunia-like flowers all season on cascading growth; low maintenance • Attracts Hummingbirds […]

Superbells Calibrachoa Blackberry Punch

Tweet    Superbells Calibrachoa Blackberry Punch Another new color in the Calibrachoa world . With so many on the market this superbells is yet another breakthrough in color. Wow this Calibrachoa will for sure turn some heads.  What a Beauty! This is by far one of the more asked for plants in the gardening world […]

Snow Princess Not Your Grandma’s Sweet Allyssum

Tweet Snow Princess Lobularia When you think of Sweet Allyssum , usually what you’ll find is the seed varieties on the market. There is many inconsistencies on performance of the seed varieties. Seem to be a little fushy with temperatures and lighting locations.. Well ,  something new is on our plant radar. Introducing Snow Princess […]

GoldDust Mecardonia

Tweet Photo courtesy of Proven Winners – www.provenwinners.com GoldDust Mecardonia Features Small green leaves are covered with yellow nemesia-like flowers from May through October, excellent heat tolerance. • Deadheading Not Necessary-Self Cleaning  • Heat Tolerant • Landscape Plant • Low Maintenance  • New Great in landscapes and container combinations. GoldDust  has a trailing habit and […]

Supertunia Pretty Much Picasso

Tweet Photo courtesy of Proven Winners – www.provenwinners.com Supertunia Pretty Much Picasso All I can say is “Wow”.. Petunia lovers  what do you think of this Supertunia? Supertunias have been on the market for a few years now and each year new supertunias are coming out with excellent vigor and outstanding colors. In 2009 a unique […]

Opal Innocence Nemesia

Tweet         Opal Innocence Nemesia Innocence Nemesia  Iridescent has  rosy-pink/creamy ivory/lavender flower color. The fragrance of this nemesia variety is sweetly fruity with vanilla grace notes. It rewards you  continuously bountiful blooming nature, and self-cleaning behavior? Grows 12-16 inches, Plant in sun to partial shade.. Hardy to 25 degrees, annual except in zones 9-10 Use as a Thriller  […]