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Thunbergia- Lemon A-Peel or Lemon Star Black-Eyed Susan Vine

Tweet Thunbergia- Lemon A-Peel or Lemon Star Black-Eyed Susan Vine This variety to my knowledge only comes in a plug.. You can get seed varieties similar and do pretty well , the plug however seems to have a larger flower. This is a vine I have no complaints about , it is great for baskets, […]

Stevia- The All Natural Sugar Plant

Tweet  Stevia – All Natural Sugar Herb Plant I introduced Stevia to my customers probably around 3 years ago or so. It was relatively new to my business and have had pretty good feedback from others. Especially with people that can not eat sugar of any kind, this makes for a  great alternative . Sweeten Food […]

I’ve Gone Crazy -Hosta Ebook Now Free ..

Tweet Hey all Gardening Friends, Today it occurred to me that with the New Year approaching I want to start things out by giving some of my knowledge to everyone I have met online , being either facebook , twitter , etc. I put together a Hosta Ebook a few years back and have been […]

Trying My Hand at Yahoo Answers

Tweet   Doing some postings on Yahoo Answers  today.. Yahoo Answers has been around for some time.. ASK -ANSWER-  DISCOVER You can ask and give answers questions in the following categories: Arts & Humanities -Beauty & Style- Business & Finance- Cars & Transportation- Computers & Internet Consumer Electronics- Dining Out- Education & Reference- Entertainment & […]

Welcome! Perennial Gardening Blog Readers

Tweet   Hi Everyone, My name is Diane Mumm, I live in southwest Iowa and I am the owner of the Picket Fence Greenhouse Gardening Blog. So You have a love and a passion for gardening.. You have came to the right place.. I hope you enjoy your visit. Picket Fence Greenhouse Blog will be […]