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Miniature Hosta Peanut

Tweet Miniature Hosta’s are very popular these days . I have a whole collection of them, but I working my way into more mini’s now . When will the passion for Hosta’s stop? Meet  Mini Peanut White Center 4″ long by 2 3/4″ wide; dark green margin that sometimes streaks into the creamy yellow to white […]

How to Grow Pennisetum Mountain Ruby Grass- An Easy to Grow Ornamental Grass

Tweet This was my first year for this grass the Pennisetum Mountain Ruby Grass, and I tell ya it was such a dramatic ornamental showoff in the garden and also in containers. One thing I really noticed was it’s ability to catch my eye every time I walked outdoors.             […]

Big Greenhouse is Empty- Touring the Outdoor Perennial Gardens

Tweet The big greenhouse is now empty , all plants left are placed in my smaller greenhouse. What is left is succulents, green plants such as ferns, caladiums, mandevillas , etc. Succulents will be wintered indoors when our weather gets colder, the rest well I hope I can find homes for them. Succulents such as […]

How to Grow From Seed Malabar Spinach Vine-Morning Glory Vine-Dahlia -Verbena

Tweet Today’s video is more on growing from seed indoors. How to Grow From Seed , Malabar Spinach Vine- Flowers: Morning Glory Vine-Dahlia -Verbena all indoors.

How to Grow Herbs from Seed Indoors Plus Those Dreaded Fungus Gnats

Tweet In this video I am planting herbs from seed. Basil seems to be a very popular herb that many use now for cooking purposes. Cinnamon,lemon,lime basil are all easy to grow and smell wonderful. Planting herbs indoors to get a head start is a smart thing to do, you can also grow some herbs […]

How to Grow from Seed-Growing Seeds Indoors- Starting Seeds Indoors

Tweet Let’s learn How to Grow from Seed Today! Also Check Out When to Plant Your Seeds Growing from seed is so much fun, very rewarding and is one of the best things you can do for you and your family. Growing and planting seeds indoors can help  the winter months fly by. Growing any […]

How to Grow Mums- Planting-Fertilizing-Pinching-Transplanting

Tweet Nothing says Fall like Mums also called Chrysanthemum Beautifully vibrant blooms form on cushions of mum plants usually in the fall months of the year. When many plants being annual or perennial are wanting to go to bed , mums are just beginning to put on a show in your garden. Mums come in […]

Purple Hyacinth Bean Vine – Flowering Vines

Tweet 15 seeds  Heirloom Purple Hyacinth Bean Vine (My Seed Crop) Make sure and check out the rest of my seeds in my online store..  🙂 $2.75 Purple Hyacinth Bean Vine- a beautiful flowering vine Early this winter to late spring some seeds arrived in the mail , my facebook friend sent me some Purple Hyacinth Bean […]

July 2011 Tour – In the Greenhouse We Go!

Tweet July 2011 tour in the greenhouse @ Picket Fence Greenhouse in Iowa. What is left and just showing all the beautiful plants still thriving in our heat . We are hot hot hot but the greenhouse plants are still doing ok thanks to tarps we put up for shade.

Journey of a Seed Series-Thunbergia Black Eyed Susan Vine- Orange Beauty

Tweet My thoughts this morning are of sharing with you the start of growing from seed , from seed to maturity. I then came up with Journey of a Seed which will become a series of plants from seed to fully grown plants. I hope you enjoy! (Above) Thunbergia Seeds getting ready to sow How […]

How to Grow From Seed Flowers-Viola Pansies-Evolution Salvia-Color Pride Coleus

Tweet Today we are planting from seed indoors johnny jump up viola pansies, evolution salvia and color pride coleus. All the above are very popular bedding plants that many still grow in their garden beds. In this video I also am sharing a plant I found at another greenhouse , one in fact I have […]

July Vegetable Garden Update, Cats In The Garden Too!

Tweet It is July lets see how the vegetable garden is doing. I try and grow a few veggies every year, cause I love fresh vegetables. Plus always love to add a little bit of animal fun to my videos. They follow me everywhere! Kennebec Pototoes Grape Juliet Tomatoes Green Beans First Garden Harvest

Growing Flowers From Seed Plus Update on My Cool Propagated Cuttings

Tweet More Growing From Seed Plus Update on My Cuttings.. Indoor growing in March 2011 plus fun plants I am growing from cuttings.. Still growing from seed in this video I am growing more flower seeds, the melampodium, celosia, and moss rose, plus sharing my propagated cuttings I am growing indoors. There is nothing like […]

Update Grow Morning Glory Vines- Black Eyed Susan Vine Seedlings Indoors March 2011

Tweet This is a quick update to see how the morning glory and black eyed susan vine seedlings are doing. It is March 2011 and all is well in my basement indoors growing these vines from seed. These vines are easy to grow and can be started indoors earlier to get a head start, they […]