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Hosta Woodland Garden

Tweet Hosta Woodland Garden at Picket Fence Greenhouse – Started this woodland garden back in 2003, it is now pretty much full of shade loving plants. This is a walk thru area where people can see first hand how these plants do and what they look like at a mature size. One thing I love […]

Big Greenhouse is Empty- Touring the Outdoor Perennial Gardens

Tweet The big greenhouse is now empty , all plants left are placed in my smaller greenhouse. What is left is succulents, green plants such as ferns, caladiums, mandevillas , etc. Succulents will be wintered indoors when our weather gets colder, the rest well I hope I can find homes for them. Succulents such as […]

Greenhouse Update – Taking a Walk Outside April-May 2011

Tweet Greenhouse update during the months April-May 2011..Getting ready for mothers day which is my best week and weekend . Lots of flowers and veggies coming on nicely.. Love the time right before things get busy a time to really take in all the beauty With all those months of planning, seeding, transplanting , you […]

How Important is Watering Your Perennial Plants in the Fall?

Tweet Hey its Diane, today I wanted to just share some info on the importance of watering your plants in the fall months of the year. Now if you are experiencing very dry conditions in the fall months, you want to make sure your newly planted and never hurts your established plants to have a […]

I’ve Gone Crazy -Hosta Ebook Now Free ..

Tweet Hey all Gardening Friends, Today it occurred to me that with the New Year approaching I want to start things out by giving some of my knowledge to everyone I have met online , being either facebook , twitter , etc. I put together a Hosta Ebook a few years back and have been […]

Welcome! Perennial Gardening Blog Readers

Tweet   Hi Everyone, My name is Diane Mumm, I live in southwest Iowa and I am the owner of the Picket Fence Greenhouse Gardening Blog. So You have a love and a passion for gardening.. You have came to the right place.. I hope you enjoy your visit. Picket Fence Greenhouse Blog will be […]