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Greenhouse Update – Taking a Walk Outside April-May 2011

Tweet Greenhouse update during the months April-May 2011..Getting ready for mothers day which is my best week and weekend . Lots of flowers and veggies coming on nicely.. Love the time right before things get busy a time to really take in all the beauty With all those months of planning, seeding, transplanting , you […]

Cleaning Out My Water Garden Pond -Spring Cleaning Time

Tweet Every spring I clean out my water garden pond , it usually takes a few hours , but the amount of nutrient rich water and sludge that I get from the pond goes on my perennials and shrubs and is very rewarding stuff. Believe me this is not a fun job but I must […]

Look What’s Growing In the Greenhouse Plus Maintenance On Plants

Tweet When it comes to keeping plants growing well I like to trim and cut a lot during the first month of growing to promote better bushier plants, plus more blooms.

Indoor Plant Seedlings and Propagation Cuttings Tour

Tweet Indoor seedling tour , featuring flower perennial seedling , also included a few vegetables. My propagation cuttings are also doing well indoors.

Plants Galore in the Greenhouse –Inside my Greenhouse tour March 2011

Tweet Plants Galore in the Greenhouse –Inside my Greenhouse tour March 2011 An inside look at Picket Fence Greenhouse of what is growing early March 2011.. All the plants are recently transplanted and are enjoying the sunshine indoors.

Planting Flowers- Weedy Vegetable Garden -Mulching-An My Black Lab Dog

Tweet So what happens when you get lots of rain and no time to weed.. Yep a weedy garden actually kinda embarassed but hey just couldn’t get it done. Today’s video is working on my flower garden areas, and cleaning and mulching the garden.. Took a few hours of intense work but I got it […]

Plants Provide Comfort During Tough Times

Tweet         Back in March 2010 , the first day of Spring, something happened that was beyond our control, this was a sad day .        A day we won’t forget and since this was the first day of Spring I guess this day will always be in our mind come every Spring.        We lost a […]

Restoring An Old Greenhouse Surprise Baby Kittens Inside

Tweet Here is the very first small greenhouse I started with back in 1999.. still working and I still love this little 12×16 greenhouse cold frame. This small cold frame greenhouse is used for transplanting, potting up perennials and cold hardy crops. This greenhouse has been on our farm, way before we even purchased the […]