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Growing Flowers Dahlia, Lobelia,Celosia, Coleus, From Seed Indoors

Tweet Growing from seed flowers indoor under lights . One of my fav’s Celosia New Look Red Shades Dahlia

Planting- Transplanting Radishes Indoors From Seed Can It be Done, Let’s Find Out!

Tweet Transplanting radishes was a trial and error project.. You can grow radishes indoors , it actually work pretty well.. I would suggest not planting so many in a pot or flat as I did so they have room to grow or you could thin them out as they grow to allow room.. In this […]

Greenhouse Update – Taking a Walk Outside April-May 2011

Tweet Greenhouse update during the months April-May 2011..Getting ready for mothers day which is my best week and weekend . Lots of flowers and veggies coming on nicely.. Love the time right before things get busy a time to really take in all the beauty With all those months of planning, seeding, transplanting , you […]

Thunbergia Black Eyed Susan Vines Growing in the Greenhouse

Tweet In this video I talk about the thunbergia vine, also known as black eyed susan vine. Even thou Black Eyed Susan vines are just annuals in my area zone, they beat out any perennial vine that we can grow here, and here is why. Blooms all season , loves heat, and is down right […]

Cleaning Out My Water Garden Pond -Spring Cleaning Time

Tweet Every spring I clean out my water garden pond , it usually takes a few hours , but the amount of nutrient rich water and sludge that I get from the pond goes on my perennials and shrubs and is very rewarding stuff. Believe me this is not a fun job but I must […]

How to- Harvesting Herbs Indoors for Cooking Use

Tweet Growing herbs indoors for winter use is pretty rewarding to use in your everyday cooking needs. Harvesting and drying herbs in the winter is really a pretty simple process. I really enjoyed growing herbs this winter I mean what a better way to pass the long cold months indoors. Herbs grow very well indoors  […]

How to Grow- Planting Hard to Please Vinca (Periwinkle) Flowers from Seed

Tweet Growing vinca from seed can be a challenge, until recently I have had some issues growing, now have discovered that using a fungicide drench when planting can increase your success. I also will be using a more porous soil mix and watering them from the bottom instead of top watering to keep down the […]

About and How To Dividing Propagating Baby Tears Houseplant

Tweet Baby Tears Plant- Scientific Name: Soleirolia soleirolii (Helxine soleirolii) Baby Tears plants is a creeping mosslike plant that has dainty leaves along threadlike stems.  Green leaves that spread and mound over the sides of your pot. Loves humidity but must have good air circulation especially if grown in terrariums. Make sure it is a […]

Seed Starting How to Grow from Seed Wave Petunias- Pansies-Polka Dot Plant

Tweet Seed Starting Planting Wave Petunias- Pansies-Polka Dot Plant. Planting a few more flower seeds indoors. Wave petunias are a popular petunia because of their spreading and long blooming capabilities, everyone seems to want them in the spring months. Pansies are a cool weather plant that usually is offered early spring and fall months because […]

Growing and Transplanting Indoors Kalanchoe Mother of Thousands Succulent Plantlet

Tweet Transplanting Kalanchoe plantlets . Unique succulents that from little plants along the edges of their leaves. They are also called Mother of a Thousands. Once you have this succulent you will have plenty of plantlets to regrow new plants every year.

We have Baby Goldfish From the Outside Water Garden Pond to the Indoor Aquarium

Tweet We have Baby Goldfish From the Water Garden Pond to the Indoor Aquarium Love working with my goldfish either indoors or outside . This year we have plenty of baby goldfish that were born in our water garden pond outside. I usually like to fish them out so the large koi and large goldfish […]

Planting Flowers- Weedy Vegetable Garden -Mulching-An My Black Lab Dog

Tweet So what happens when you get lots of rain and no time to weed.. Yep a weedy garden actually kinda embarassed but hey just couldn’t get it done. Today’s video is working on my flower garden areas, and cleaning and mulching the garden.. Took a few hours of intense work but I got it […]

Through the Years Greenhouse Changes

Tweet When I think Spring, what come to mind is seeds, sowing, and greenhouse growing.  Spring brings on new life, new beginnings and new challenges. Spring is my favorite time of year, as there is so much happening all around. I live in Iowa so as we go through long winter months I feel we […]

Aloe haworthioides Miniature Aloe

Tweet Aloe haworthioides- Miniature Aloe This is no doubt a beautiful mini succulent that I have come to love growing. When I look for succulents  I look for unique patterns of textures and unusual forms of succulents. This one falls into those attributes. Miniature Aloe is very easy and slow growing , but produces offsets […]

Diane Mumm Talks About Picket Fence Greenhouse and Gardens 1/5/2011

Tweet Hi Gardening Friends, Just for fun I put together a short video telling a little about the nursery greenhouse business . Please keep your snickers to a minimum.. 🙂 Hi Gardening Friends, Picket Fence Greenhouse is located in southwest Iowa on our 80 acre farm. We have been in business since 1999. Out in […]

New Plant Picks for Spring 2011 at Picket Fence Greenhouse and Gardens

Tweet Each new year brings on exciting and new beginnings in planning for the Spring growing season. Although I have planted a few herbs , lettuce and kale earlier, those were to keep my sanity in our winter months:) As planting outside is a few long months away, I will be planting soon indoors from […]

Backyard Garden Walk Tour at Picket Fence Greenhouse – Iowa Gardening

Tweet Every year I like to go around and get photos and sometimes video of my backyard, this year plants have done very well because we had plenty of sunshine and rainfall. This  video was done Aug 2010 , when our weather here was extremely hot.. Part II

Storing Apples for Winter Use Using Apple Peeler -Slicer -Corer Jig

Tweet Putting away many Liberty apples today.. a fast way is using the apple slicer peeler and corer . This will make storing apples for the winter fun. I freeze my apples for winter, plus make a few apple pies and freeze them too, nice to have in the cold winter months. Everything goes in […]