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About Nematanthus Goldfish Plant Propagation Cuttings

Tweet  About Nematanthus Goldfish Plant Propagation Cuttings Nematanthus – Goldfish plant The goldfish plant has to be in the category of one of my favorite plants. I have read there is over 30 species of the Nematanthus. I purchased  around 6 cuttings awhile back not knowing anything about this plant, but I love the uniqueness […]

Indoor Plant Seedlings and Propagation Cuttings Tour

Tweet Indoor seedling tour , featuring flower perennial seedling , also included a few vegetables. My propagation cuttings are also doing well indoors.

OverWintering Water Garden Pond Plants Indoors

Tweet I love a challenge, and this time my challenge will be overwintering water garden annual plants indoors. Are you wanting to save some of your water garden pond plants in your water garden outdoors? Try  bringing  them indoors. Water Lettuce, Water Hyacinth seem to grow indoors provided they have warmth and lighting. In this […]

Ledebouria socialis Scilla Leopard Lily

Tweet When I bought this Leopard Lily a few years ago it was stated to be a succulent , but honestly I don’t know that to be true. The leopard lily is drought tolerant, grows bulbs on the side of the parent bulbs and really is a ideal houseplant which propagation is very easy to […]

Planting A Succulent Container Combination

Tweet Planting this succulent combo was so much fun, so fun in fact  I hope to do several more. When I look at my collection of succulents as a whole I knew I needed to do some potting in combinations. I am basically running out of room , so placing several in pots will help […]

CHLOROPHYTUM comosum ‘Milky Way’ Variegated Spider Plant

Tweet CHLOROPHYTUM comosum ‘Milky Way’ Spider Plant Variegated Airplane Plant, Spider Plant  Beautiful, arching, grass-like leaves with white media. Attractive in hanging baskets, mixed planters, and garden edging. Produces flowers and plantlets on long, arching runners (airplanes). Zone 9, most areas can grow as a annual or it does really well as a houseplant. I […]