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Growing and Caring for Hostas.

Tweet Today’s topic will be focused on Growing and Caring for Hostas. Hostas are one of the most sought after perennial plant for part sun to shade areas. So what is so great about Hostas? Well Hostas are a pretty care free perennial , with a few exceptions. With thousands of varieties out there today […]

Hosta Fair Maiden

Tweet Hosta Fair Maiden Our ‘Fair Maiden’ Hosta has white margins that consistantly streak towards the center of the leaf. This is a very pretty and charming  hosta.  I love the coloring of the leaves and it is a very compact and  tidy hosta. Very wide and irregular creamy edge provides attractive contrast with dark green centers. […]

Hosta Striptease

Tweet Hosta Striptease An outstanding hosta certain to be one of the most talked about plants in hosta world! An intriguing sport of ‘Gold Standard’, it has a wider dark green margin. It was named ‘Striptease’ because a white strip appears between the green and gold area. The ovate, slightly wavy leaves have wide, dark […]