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Big Greenhouse is Empty- Touring the Outdoor Perennial Gardens

Tweet The big greenhouse is now empty , all plants left are placed in my smaller greenhouse. What is left is succulents, green plants such as ferns, caladiums, mandevillas , etc. Succulents will be wintered indoors when our weather gets colder, the rest well I hope I can find homes for them. Succulents such as […]

July 2011 Tour – In the Greenhouse We Go!

Tweet July 2011 tour in the greenhouse @ Picket Fence Greenhouse in Iowa. What is left and just showing all the beautiful plants still thriving in our heat . We are hot hot hot but the greenhouse plants are still doing ok thanks to tarps we put up for shade.

It’s June 2011, Tour of What is Left in the Greenhouse

Tweet It is June 2011 , this is a greenhouse tour here in Iowa of what is left after a growing season.. I hope you enjoy the tour, I love sharing! I continue moving plants thru the summer into the fall months.. I plan on getting this greenhouse clear out by Aug.. I hope I […]

Greenhouse Update – Taking a Walk Outside April-May 2011

Tweet Greenhouse update during the months April-May 2011..Getting ready for mothers day which is my best week and weekend . Lots of flowers and veggies coming on nicely.. Love the time right before things get busy a time to really take in all the beauty With all those months of planning, seeding, transplanting , you […]

Echeveria Blue Rose

Tweet Echeveria Blue Rose New  2011 to my greenhouse  will be this  beautiful  Echeveria Blue Rose succulent , looks perfect in this picture setting. Don’t you think? Stated to  be one of the most popular echeverias on the market today.  Featuring beautiful centered saucer like rosettes , and deep blue ovate leaves. Bloom time is  […]

Aloe haworthioides Miniature Aloe

Tweet Aloe haworthioides- Miniature Aloe This is no doubt a beautiful mini succulent that I have come to love growing. When I look for succulents  I look for unique patterns of textures and unusual forms of succulents. This one falls into those attributes. Miniature Aloe is very easy and slow growing , but produces offsets […]