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Andropogon gerardii ‘Lord Snowden’s Big Blue’ Lord Snowden Big Bluestem

Andropogon gerardii ‘Lord Snowden’s Big Blue’
Lord Snowden Big Bluestem

Marvelous color and appealing shape are the first features one notices about Lord Snowden Big Bluestem.

Beautiful blue stems rise up four feet in a form that is more graceful than others in the Andropogon genus.

This native cultivar demonstrates extreme drought tolerance; it must be planted in dry, sunny spots where it will thrive on neglect. Watering or fertilizing too much will result in a less robust, very unhappy Lord Snowden, causing it to flop. Generally vigorous, this is a fast growing, strong plant that can be used in meadows, gardens, difficult areas and in masses.

Typical Andropogon gerardii seed heads emerge in summer to complete the look.

Lord Snowden is a  Warm season grass with blue foliage.

Grows to the height of  4 feet, 6 feet with flower, sun, dry conditions.

Plume flowers  in July-August

Hardy in Zones 4-10

 Origin: North America

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Diane Mumm

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