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Purple Hyacinth Bean Vine – Flowering Vines

15 seeds  Heirloom Purple Hyacinth Bean Vine (My Seed Crop)
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Purple Hyacinth Bean Vine- a beautiful flowering vine

Early this winter to late spring some seeds arrived in the mail , my facebook friend sent me some Purple Hyacinth Bean seeds to try . I was excited as I never have grown this vine before.

I started a few indoors which was a piece of cake very easy to start from seed and they also can be direct sowed..I placed a few in pots in the greenhouse and they grew wonderfully.

Purple Hyacinth Bean Vine is a vigorous fast growing vine climbing to heights of 10′ or more . Beautiful long blooming purple flowers and purple bean pods form along this vine making it a very inviting sight to see.

The purple clustered flowers resemble peas and bean blossoms. Bloom time is from mid summer to mid fall.

It is Oct 12, and mine are still blooming away in the garden as you can tell by these photos.

Not only beauty within the flowers and pods, the foliage is equally beautiful as they are heart shaped with purple veins running through them. A wonderful attribute!

They also are fragrant which attract bees , which then help aid in pollination. Butterflies and birds can get some enjoyment too out of this vine.

Plant in a sun area giving adequate moisture but not soggy.. If you are experiencing some drought make sure and give the vine a drink this helps produce flowers which then produce larger pods .

If you want to save the seed , allow the pod to completely dry on the vine you will know when the bean pod turns purple to brown in color. Once you pick them off the vine it will not hurt to let dry for say another week to just ensure they are dry . Then shell your pods , test for dryness again, you will know just from the sound of them hitting the container you put them in.

Each bean pod can have anywhere from 3-5 beans which is really wonderful when you are saving and sharing them with others.

I don’t believe I have ever seen a more beautiful unique seed , the seed is black and has a white marking on the edge of the seed itself.

Purple Hyacinth Bean Vine is considered a annual but when you save your seed or if you let it self seed itself you will have them for years to come.

One thing to note is the seed is poisonous if ingested, so take care around pets and children.

Overall I am giving this vine a thumbs up.  Very happy with it’s overall performance in the garden and the greenhouse too!

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116 Opinions

  • dianemummvideos said:

    all throughout the video is shares how to grow them , you must of miss it..

  • Bridget Wilkins said:

    The flowers also make great cut flowers to bring inside as well. They are beautiful in mixed bouquets. This was Thomas Jefferson’s favorite vine at Monticello.

  • Brenda Krolak said:

    So – did she soak her beans before she planted them or did she just plant them in the soil and then water in??? Because I watched it and she DIDN’T say HOW to plant the beans. I have done it both ways and the soaking did not do as well as planting them in the soil and watering in. Those are important tips.

  • dianemummvideos said:

    no you don’t have to soak them, they are very easy to grow from seed.. making videos is a lot of work, I enjoy doing them and it is by free will , but don’t enjoy people complaining… because this is for sharing.. with other gardeners.. most appreciate and love the videos… not always are the videos completely how people would like them.. that is why I suggest doing many searches , you will find out your answers in one video or another.. thanks for stopping..

  • Barbara Riffey said:

    I have planted these before given to me by a neighbor & she told me to plant the whole pod, not shelling them. They came up just beautiful. I made 2 hills of them with one pod in each hill. They got very tall & thick. I took a picture of my husband behind the vine & you could not see him through the vine. Very prolific plant & beautiful, both blooms & leaves.

  • B Peck said:

    It is a LOVELY name.. I am a grandmother now, but if I were a young mother, it would be in the top 2 for a precious girl’s name!!

  • seungheeparkbernard said:

    Could you please post info on the arbor? Looks like it’s a great arbor for any climbers.

  • dianemummvideos said:

    it is just a old farm panel fence we used to use for hogs.. or cattle.. then bend easy.. not sure of the exact name for them..

  • Rita Steinke said:

    I planted the seeds this spring which I received from you. They were just beautiful! I saved the seeds. I will plant them again next spring.

  • diane admin

    Hi Rita, aren’t they fun?

  • eyeYQ2 said:

    Be sure NOT to eat the beans, unless you boil them 3 times.I first saw the purple hyacinth in Bar Harbor Maine : ) Beautiful!

  • txrepgirl said:

    The seeds look like little Oreo cookies 🙂 . I just bought a small plant and it has a lot of beans on it. When is the right time to pick them ? How should they look like ?


    do you let the pods dry on the vine before removing pod or do you clip them and let them dry in sun or in home?

  • Sonya said:

    I’ve had 7 hyacinth beans since 2004. I received them from a co-worker and have always loved the vine. I am cleaning my home office and ran across them. I’ve never planted due to my fear of not being able to maintain the overgrowth. The older I get the more I want to be surrounded by beautiful nature and plants.

    This video is truly inspiring. Maybe, one day soon I’ll go for it!

    Thanks for sharing!!!

  • maria patton said:

    woow I live in IOWA and I will love to have same of those beans in my garden never eat them before or seen 1 🙂 they r beautiful thank u 4 this nice video <3

  • Jeanie said:

    Awesome beans! They are ingestible! Boil them three times and rinse out the water! Great to sauté and salt pepper them!!

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