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How to Grow Mums- Planting-Fertilizing-Pinching-Transplanting

Nothing says Fall like Mums also called Chrysanthemum

Beautifully vibrant blooms form on cushions of mum plants usually in the fall months of the year.

When many plants being annual or perennial are wanting to go to bed , mums are just beginning to put on a show in your garden.

Mums come in array of colors and forms nowadays. They can grow to heights of 2-3 ft depending on the cultivar and the growing conditions and area.


Plant your mums in a sunny location in well drained soil . Mums can be planted either spring or fall months. Mums grow in zones 3-9 however make sure and buy the hardy mums especially for your zone area if you want them to come back every year. Some cultivars may vary so pay close attention to the type of mum you purchase.


New planted mums can be fertilized every week if you choose. Established mums once a month . Do not fertilize after July.


If you ever had trouble with your mums fall over or separating , one reason for this may be that they need pinched throughout the growing season. Pinching your mums 1-2 inches  is usually done at 3-4 week intervals up to the first week of July.. However there may be different requirements for certain cultivars.

Transplanting or Dividing

If you are noticing your mums overgrowing their space or getting crowded they need to be divided , usually around every 2-3 years is a good rule of thumb. Best time to do this is after they have bloomed during the fall season months.

General Care

Mums do not like to get dry ,especially newly planted mums, make sure you water them in your experiencing a dry spell in your area. This can be anytime Spring, Summer or Fall.

Mulching too is very important . Mums need to be mulched especially if you live in a cold climate. Do not cut back your mums after blooming the foliage will help protect the plant throughout the winter months, it aids in insulating the plants roots.

Another tip is Mums like good air circulation so try not to crowd when planting.

Oct 1, 2011 In full bud form

Few Days Later

More blossoms opening  just a few more days later

As you can see by these two bronze mums, they are changing in just a few days time

Perhaps my favorite color of Mums.

Here again the yellow mums, they are changing in just a few days time

Cushion blossoms and loaded with beauty!

Mums From Buds to Blooms

In Full Bloom Oct 13, 2011

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