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Dicentra Eximia Fernleaf Bleeding Heart

Tweet   Bleeding Hearts are fascinating , to think a flower can develop into a heart  is utterly  amazing. Dicentra Eximia Fernleaf Bleeding Heart  last all season unlike some bleeding hearts that seem to go dormant when warm weather appears. The leaves are deeply cut, grey green and fern like. The pink flowers are heart shaped with an […]

Athyrium angustum forma rubellum Lady in Red Fern

Tweet Lady in Red Fern Athyrium angustum forma rubellum Lady In Red™ is an exciting new tissue cultured introduction  from a exceptional plant with vibrant burgundy stipe (stem), which creates a sharp contrast with its green fronds.  It was found by the New England Wildflower Society in the woodlands of Massachusetts. It has some unusual […]