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How to Grow Pennisetum Mountain Ruby Grass- An Easy to Grow Ornamental Grass

Tweet This was my first year for this grass the Pennisetum Mountain Ruby Grass, and I tell ya it was such a dramatic ornamental showoff in the garden and also in containers. One thing I really noticed was it’s ability to catch my eye every time I walked outdoors.             […]

Winter Interest Using Ornamental Grasses

Tweet Miscanthus sinensis Gracillimus Maiden Grass Oh the winter months are here and I try and find comfort and beauty wherever I can , because not only are our winters in Iowa long, they can be really frustrating when the transition comes from late Winter to early Spring. As I walk outside on a cold […]

Miscanthus Silberpfeil Japanese Silver Arrow

Tweet Miscanthus Silberpfeil Japanese  Silver Arrow As the years go by and more and more plants go into the ground I find myself losing track of names of  (for example) varieties of the many ornamental  grasses.  So many are looking alike nowadays. So marking your plants with metal tag stakes  when planted is so important, […]

Miscanthus sinensis Gracillimus Maiden Grass

Tweet   Miscanthus sinensis Gracillimus Maiden Grass Gracillimus has thin bladed leaves and a elegant upright form with narrow , silver-veined foliage.  It has a pleasing symmetrical vase shape form, long stems produce fan-like , reddish colored plumes held high above the leaves appear in the fall. As the season moves on the flower plumes […]

How to Grow Cyperus Egyptian Papyrus King Tut

Tweet Grass like King Tut has been one of the most interesting plants for  pots , landscapes and water ponds. Not a grass at all but grass like in appearance. King Tut is an evergreen or neutral grass. King Tut is also known as Giant Umbrella Plant, Egyptian Grass, and Cyperus papyrus. It is a […]

Pennisetum Ruby Mountain Grass

Tweet Pennisetum Ruby Mountain Grass Beautiful tall green grass ,  with ruby-pink plumes makes this ornamental grass a beauty. Ornamental grasses are usually easy maintenance free plants once established . The beauty lies in the plumes that gracefully move in the wind.  Features Tall, vigorous grass with bright green foliage and ruby-pink plumes • Deadheading […]

Pennisetum Variegated Red Fountain Grass Fireworks

Tweet Pennisetum Variegated Red Fountain Grass Fireworks At last My plant Testimony 2011: Well after growing this grass all summer into the fall I am happy to report I am in love with this new fireworks grass . It is just like the photo it grows great in container gardening as a thriller plant. It […]

Bunny Tails Lagurus Ovatus

Tweet                             Bunny Tails Lagurus Ovatus This is a Charming looking grass . What a Beauty! An elegant fountain of ornamental grass with lots of landscape possibilities. Graceful at the front of the house, or plant among flowers for an informal look. Fluffy seed heads add texture and visual appeal. Beginning in early summer, it’s […]

Panicum virgatum ‘Northwind’ Upright Switchgrass

Tweet Panicum virgatum ‘Northwind’ -Upright Switchgrass A dependable upright habit and beautiful blue green foliage set this Panicum apart from other switchgrasses. Northwind likes  drought tolerant conditions , but  it can also handle boggy soil conditions occassionally. Beginning in August, a multitude of narrow, open panicles top the plant. One ’Northwind’ in a garden creates […]

Acorus gramineus ‘Ogon’ Golden Variegated Sweet Flag

Tweet   Acorus gramineus ‘Ogon’-Golden Variegated Sweet Flag Similar in size and growth habit to Variegated Sweet Flag, but has beautiful golden-colored leaves with green stripes. Brightens shade gardens and moist, sunny areas. Acorus is a neutral grass. Evergreen or neutral grasses are usually plants that look like grasses but aren’t actually classified as grasses, […]

Calamagrostis xacutiflora ‘Karl Foerster’ Feather Reed Grass

Tweet  Calamagrostis xacutiflora ‘Karl Foerster’ -Feather Reed Grass This grass is highly used for  gardening landscape areas. This cool season clumping grass is one of our all-time favorites. With an erect growth habit and late spring plumes, ‘Karl’ offers a good backdrop for low growing flowering perennials throughout the year. Prefers sunny, dry locations and […]

Andropogon gerardii ‘Lord Snowden’s Big Blue’ Lord Snowden Big Bluestem

Tweet Andropogon gerardii ‘Lord Snowden’s Big Blue’ Lord Snowden Big Bluestem Marvelous color and appealing shape are the first features one notices about Lord Snowden Big Bluestem. Beautiful blue stems rise up four feet in a form that is more graceful than others in the Andropogon genus. This native cultivar demonstrates extreme drought tolerance; it […]

Leymus arenarius Blue Dune Blue Lyme Grass

Tweet      Leymus arenarius ‘Blue Dune’-Blue Lyme Grass This is a beautiful blue colored grass, but take note it will spread and it requires some room for growth. This bright-blue cool season grass maintains its coloring throughout the growing season, even in Southern gardens. It is native to western Europe where it can be […]