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It’s June 2011, Tour of What is Left in the Greenhouse

Tweet It is June 2011 , this is a greenhouse tour here in Iowa of what is left after a growing season.. I hope you enjoy the tour, I love sharing! I continue moving plants thru the summer into the fall months.. I plan on getting this greenhouse clear out by Aug.. I hope I […]

Pennisetum Ruby Mountain Grass

Tweet Pennisetum Ruby Mountain Grass Beautiful tall green grass ,  with ruby-pink plumes makes this ornamental grass a beauty. Ornamental grasses are usually easy maintenance free plants once established . The beauty lies in the plumes that gracefully move in the wind.  Features Tall, vigorous grass with bright green foliage and ruby-pink plumes • Deadheading […]

Bunny Tails Lagurus Ovatus

Tweet                             Bunny Tails Lagurus Ovatus This is a Charming looking grass . What a Beauty! An elegant fountain of ornamental grass with lots of landscape possibilities. Graceful at the front of the house, or plant among flowers for an informal look. Fluffy seed heads add texture and visual appeal. Beginning in early summer, it’s […]