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Hosta Olive Bailey Langdon

                            Hosta Olive Bailey Langdon

Hosta Olive Bailey Langdon sport of Frances Williams

Large mound of blue- green centered , gold-margined foliage. Brightens in Mid June making it less susceptibility to leaf burn.

Grows 28″ high by 60″ wide
Leaf Detail: GoldMargin , beautiful gold edged margin that will standout amongst other Hostas, especially the blue leaf  hostas.  Leaf size is 13″ long by 10″ wide; gold margins; blue green center; heavily corrugated; thick substance.

Flowering: Near-white flowers open in dense clusters on 30″ scapes in June-July.

Zone Hardiness 3-8

Comments: Similar to ‘Frances Williams’ but its margins brighten much later, thereby reducing the so-called “spring burn” problem by 90% or more; identical to ‘Frances Williams’ in growth habit, flowering, and thick substance; can also be properly listed as Hosta sieboldiana ‘Olive Bailey Langdon’.

Hosta Olive Bailey Langdon is included in The Hostapedia Encyclopedia

Diane’s Thoughts: Bought these  as liners in spring of 2011, the liners are already looking good and this is going to be another beautiful Hosta to offer.

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Share your story.. Do you have this Hosta in your Hosta Collection would love to hear what you think of it.

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  • Patrick said:

    I have a relatively large shade garden, with more than 125 different varieties of hostas here in northern Michigan. Olive Bailey Langdon is by far my favorite one. It returns faithfully each year, puts up new plants annually, is quite slug resistant, and stands up to heavy rains and above average sunny conditions. I couldn’t recommend this variety more highly. I consider it a “must have” for the hosta gardener.

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